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Bikes? Of course we do Bikes; we're Bike-On!!

We do bikes, but not typical bikes.  We tend to work in the fringe of the bike arena.  We carry E-Bikes, tandem bikes for kids with autism, and easy boarding bikes.  Standard bikes are easy; we do the tough stuff.

We see a great future in E-Bikes.  The technology has advanced tremendously over the past several years.  The advances in technology allow able bodied mountain bikers to go faster and further.  Couple the power assist technology with fat tire suspension for a thrilling trail ride.  Check out our Ohm brand for performance mountain and road riding and Fiefeld for an economical road recreational bike alternative - some even fold for easy transport and storage.  For folks with a physical challenge the power assist can be the difference between riding and not riding. We prefer you ride!

Easy boarding bikes are great for folks who may have some trouble lifting their leg over the typical bike frame.  Easy boarding frames are a reasonable price alternative. Just step through the frame, lifting your leg just inches off the ground and ride! 

Our tandems are problem solvers.  The Buddy Bike is a great ride for kids with Autism.  Very often they're able to physically ride a bike independently, but may lack, or have delayed critical decision making processes.  The Buddy Bike puts the child in the front seat for that "wind in your face" experience, but the handlebars continue around and further back to the caregiver, allowing them to have steering, gearing and braking control.  The seats are close enough so that both riders can share an intimate experience on their ride together.   

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  • Jump on board the growing E-Bike experience
  • Ask us about power assist - how to measure your power and add more
  • Visit with us, or contact us to discuss easy board bikes: Step-through designs that help!
  • We can help with your special circumstances - contact us
  • Our tandems will allow you to share the ride with your child
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Well, the bike is still a big hit. We haven't had much nice weather here in Nova Scotia...3+ weeks of rain! But when it stops, we make the best of it. Here are a couple of photos from a ride today! He is becoming such a little speed demon! (We are already seeing the benefit to his muscles after just a couple of weeks!) Thanks again for all your help and superior service! We know that if it were not for Bike-on, he would not be riding...we will be forever grateful! Kindest regards
One VERY happy rider (Justin) & Shannon Bower, Nova Scotia, Canada

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