Bike-On C5 Handcycle Grips

Very comfortable, easy-on, easy-off handcycle grips!


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Bike-On C5 Handcycle Grips

Product Description

As the name implies, these handcycle grips were designed with C5 quads in mind. They are very comfortable, easy-on, easy-off handcycle grips. A favorite with anyone who has grip weakness.

The design is flawless. They provide an ergonomic vertical hand position on the cranks. Machine crafted aluminum two-piece spindles. The male part of the spindle has a threaded, adjustable ball detent so that the separation pressure can be tailored to the user's strength. The design allows the rider to separate from the cranks momentarily for shifting. re-connect the spindles and crank-away!! 

Sizing - Measure around palm:
7-8" = Small
8-9" = Medium
9-10" = Large

These handcycle grips were designed and produced through the efforts of quad handcyclist Charlie Croteau and his recumbent rider and tandem stoker friend, and fellow inventor Bob Hicks. Croteau/Hicks handcycle innovations offered EXCLUSIVELY through Bike-On, The Handcycle Store.

If you find a lower price Bike-On will beat it!

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Regular Price: $315.00

Bike-On Price: $295.00

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