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TiLite TR Wheelchair - Series 3


TR Wheelchair - Series 3


TiLite TR Wheelchair - Series 3

Product Description

TiLite Wheelchairs from

The TR Wheelchair is our flagship titanium series rigid wheelchair. It is the best of our best: Lighter, more efficient, and more elegant than any chair anywhere.


Reason No. 1: Titanium Absorbs Vibration.
Reason No. 2: Titanium Won't Break.
Reason No. 3: Titanium has the Highest Strength-to-Weight Ratio of Any Metal on Earth.


New, Swept-In Dual-Tube Frame.

Most compact TR wheelchair frame ever makes the Series 3 wheelchair easier to transport.
Wheelchair width shrinks by up to 1 inch improving maneuverability in tight spaces.
Weight of the frame drops 15% to 3 pounds.
Sweeping curve of the lower frame tube creates a unique look as the lower frame blends in and fades away.

Dual-Tube Frame design creates superior frame rigidity and optimal energy transfer.
Curved backrest tube further enhances the clean new look.
Swept caster arm with bullet caster housing reduces weight and adds yet more style.

The difference between a TiFit wheelchair and all other wheelchairs is that a TiFit wheelchair is tailored specifically to you: Every frame is made to measure. No tube is cut, bent, or welded until our skilled fabricators have a full-scale drawing of your wheelchair based on your exact measurements. Only TiLite Wheelchairs offers TiFit. The optimal fit of a TiFit wheelchair brings unparalleled performance and function. You will feel the difference in everything you do.

Custom configuration is when you are able to select options and components on a wheelchair to meet your needs. While other companies offer some custom configuration, TiLite offers the widest range of options from which to choose. More choices mean more ability to truly create a custom configuration of options that best meets your needs. Choice matters and that is why TiLite Wheelchairs offers more options than any other manufacturer! The choice is yours.

Visit TiLite's product page for more incredible detail

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