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Recumbent Trikes 123 Go! 

Is it a Tadpole, or a Delta?

If you're new to the idea of recumbent trikes you're probably still learning a lot about them.  For sure they are different and of course you'll be the most hip, progressive, interesting person in your community when you get yours.  You'll be the envy of everyone, you know that right?  So, become informed.  People will be asking you lots of questions, in a sense you will be our agent out there, so become informed.

Actually, our recumbent trike customers always come into the shop well informed.  They've done their research, know the brands and models, understand gear ratios and know their x-seam measures.  They are a fun, well informed customer.

So, a Tadpole is a recumbent trike design that has one wheel in the rear and 2 up front.  A Delta trike has one wheel up front and two wheels in the rear.

Folding Frames

A consideration for most folks is how will I be able to transport it.  A couple of options are available.  Bike-On offers our Bike-On & Go Rack that works great for recumbent trikes.  It requires a receiver hitch on the back of your vehicle.  It will fit into a 1-1/4" receiver or a 2" receiver.  Another popular solution is a folding frame.  Some tadpole trikes offer a folding frame.  When coupled with a removable seat (generally standard faire on most folders), and quick release front wheels, then the entire package is quite compact.  In about 2 minutes a full sized trike can be reduced in size so that it fits into the trunk of a small car.  Of course this can be beneficial for storage as well.

Comfort, Safety, Balance

Very often folks move into recumbent trikes for comfort reasons.  Have you ever noticed that the seats on a recumbent put your body in the same position as a Lazy Boy Recliner?  Well, they do, and because of this they are very comfy.  Say goodbye to that tiny bike seat, and to shoulder neck and wrist issues from leaning over the handlebars on your regular bike.  Recumbent bikes will allow you to stay "in the saddle" for hours on end.

Balance is another deciding factor.  We do a lot of recumbents for individuals that have some physical impairment affecting their balance.  A trike takes balance out of the equation for them and allows for a comfortable, safe ride.

Safetly is always a key consideration when cycling on the road, whether on two wheels or three.  We advocate the use of helmets, mirrors and flags, and the non-use of ear buds.  One thing that we've learned over the years from our handcycling experience is that trikes and handcycles get a lot more room from vehicles.  A good part of that room is from the curiosity factor.

Trial Rides

Visit with us at our shop showroom in Warwick, Rhode Island.  We love to show off our beautiful bikes, trikes and handcycles.  It's a great opportunity for you to try out some trikes - nothing beats a side by side trial, compare brands and models on the spot!

Price Range

We carry a healthy range of brands so have a wide range in prices for you to find just the right trike for your pocketbook.  Generally, prices range from around $1000- $5000.  Extra premium options like electronic shifting and power assist can add from $1000-$3000.  On a positive note, if you purchase over the internet we are not required to charge you sales tax, unless you are a Rhode Island resident.

We're here for you after the sale

Our business is a relationship business.  We ask a lot of questions, we work with you to understand your needs, we get it right!  All of that interaction creates a bond.  That bond leads to loyalty.  When we close the loop and bring you to a state of loyalty we've done our job well.

We want to hear from you after your purchase.  Call us for advice on componentry, maintenance, aftermarket or replacement parts.  Join the Bike-On family.

We have customers who have been with us for nearly 20 years.  Some have that first trike and we're still friends.  Some others have evolved through the sport with us and have purchased a number of trikes over the years.  The loyalty we earn from our customers is a priceless affirmation of our work well done.

Bike-On Connection

Make that Bike-On connection.  Tap into our knowledge base.  Grow with us!  

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