Schmicking S3 Ultra Light Race Tour Handcycle

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Offers a multitude of various sitting positions!

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Schmicking S3 Ultra Light Race Tour Handcycle

Product Description

The light, warp resistant handcycle, with a deep twisting aluminium frame offers a multitude of various sitting positions (see details in Features and information below) which are possible through three various fork and crankshaft positions. 

Through accessories selected by yourself with the assistance of our qualified Bike-On Staff, the bike can be used according to your needs. All is possible starting from the pure, first-class performance racing-bike, the everyday-bike, up to the tracking-bike with mountain-bike profile wheels. You decide about the limit. The weight, beginning with 10 kg, is dependent on individual wishes (it is dependent on the size, the use of the handcycle and the amount of equipment). Different derailleur gears, `Rohloff Speedhub´, and several brake systems (mechanical and hydraulic, on the wheel-rim or using brake discs) are all available. 

The use of an extreme warp resistant aluminium construction using the substance - 7020 T6 makes our handcycle extremely light. This substance is also used in the bike industry for production of special high quality frame constructions. All 3-layered heat priming that is put on after all welding has been completed leads to a tremendous improvement in quality and protects the frames from breaking. 

Every handcycle is equipped with special light manufactured crank-arms; these are extremely light and stable and are available in Individual lengths (150-200mm) and widths (150-500). These cranks are also individually available for all possible crankshafts systems (square, octagon and ISIS). Through a high precise ball-bearing system, power loss is reduced to a minimum. Precision ball-bearings guarantee an accurate and play-free function. 

The wheels have the rim size of 571 (from Triathlon); a high number of high-quality tires with low resistance to rolling can be used. Mountain bike rims (559) are also possible; thus, a high number of tire treads (from City-Slicker to coarse-tread), for the ordinary forest path can be used. 

Our new absolute play-free and warp resistant systems with quick-locking mechanisms and 25mm diameter hollow axels from high strength 7075 T6 are available at an extra charge. If you wish, you can also receive ½" shafts and 'grab tire' as well as a mounting system for your wheelchair. has made a committment to the Schmicking handcycle. Our staff has visited the Shmicking plant in Germany and our Schmicking experts here have an intimate knowledge of Schmicking handcycle because they ride it. 

This is not an "off the shelf" handcycle. Please be prepared to invest considerable time with our staff to detail your requirements and then be prepared to wait for your handcycle. The build/delivery process can take as long as 6 months depending on the complexity of the build.

Finally, be prepared to take ownership of the handcycle. Because of the customization involved with this cycle our usual return policy (10% re-stock) does not apply. The re-stock fee is 25%. We think however, that when you get this handcycle, you won't give it back for anything!! It's a keeper!!

• Aluminium frame construction out of 7020 T6 tubing 

• Frameconcept: 4 various sitting positions (Arm-Power and Arm-Trunk-Power) 

• 3 level tempering of the complete frame 

• Adjustable backrest with optional "Easy-transfer" 

• Weight 10.8 Kg depending upon size and options 

• Rearwheels: 571 Triathlon - rims and tires according to wish 

• Ultra strong wheels with down hill rims 

• Brakes: racebrakes, V-Brakes or hydraulic disc brakes 

• Light manufactured crank-arms, individuell length and width. 

• Gears: 3x9 dérailleur gear or Rohloff 14-gear (50000km warranty) 

• Seat (optional) made out of Carbon Fiber

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