Top End Force K Handcycle

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Force K


The Force K is a kneeler handbike that is not only used but trusted by most athletes. The handbike is lightweight with it's made-to-measure aerodynamics.


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Top End Force K Handcycle Handbike

Product Description

The Top End FORCE K Handbike is a missile!

The Force K Handbike is a kneeling position handcycle in a choice of three custom, made-to-measure aerodynamic designs.

The Force K Kneeler handbike is used by the most able athletes, while the Force K Para Kneeler handcycle is for paraplegics who prefer the kneeling position to that of reclined and the Force K Double Amp. Kneeler handcycle defines the kneeling position for amputees.

Just like the rest of the Force Handcycle Series, the center frame construction has an internal rib which reinforces the handbike frame making it super stiff for maximum transfer of power. What makes the Force K handcycle different from the Force and Force G handbike is that it requires detailed engineering measurements which can be viewed on the order form.

Control through the turns is smooth yet fast with our steering dampener system. The 27 speeds operated by the Rapid fire hands-on shifter/ brake delivers smooth, responsive shifting and braking right at your fingertips plus the easy-to-operate, no cable, virtually maintenance-free manual upper derailleur system take the guess work out of the chain rings. The 26-inch high performance wheels are outfitted with high-pressure clincher tires, threaded axles, drafting bumper, parking brake, and cushions for seat and back. Check out our professional level shifters, cassette, brake and chainring upgrades and time trial wheel package for maximum performance and speed.

Can you force the pace? Yes, you can. Get the Top End Force K Handcycle. You will be a missile. 

Trust to outfit your Force K handcycle just right for you. Speak to any one of our Handcycle Specialists (who are also handcycle riders and racers) and dial in your bike today! Call us - 888-424-5366.

If you find a lower price Bike-On will beat it!