Bike-On Ergo Lite Handcycle Grip

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We think our Ergo Lite Handcycle Grips will become the new standard in handcycle grips!

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 Bike-On Ergo Lite Handcycle Grip

Product Description

We think our Ergo Lite Handcycle Grips will become the new standard in handcycle grips. They are ergo-shaped and rubber cushioned for a comfy feel, and they are light too. You'll appreciate the lack of that pesky spindle that your fingers get wrapped around - they feel good! This unique spindleless method of attachment, originating from the bottom of the grip, is the basis for our patent - we think it is long overdue!

In prototype testing, handcyclists have commented favorably about the feel and adjustability of the grips and rave at the significant reduction in hand N~U~M~B~N~E~S~S. They are a bit heavier than Top End handcycle grips, but we feel that an extra 70 grams is well worth the improved ergo comfort. They will bolt through your existing bearings on S & V handcycle cranks, and are secured in place with an airplane nut - your left grip will not come off while riding! For handcycles with standard bicycle cranks we offer a 9/16" theaded axle version (1/2" threaded by request).

We offer the Ergo Lite Handcycle Grips with a straight post. We have tested them with Top End S-Cranks. Your shifter will clear the curved part of the cranks because this grip is taller. The straight post will provide a more ergonomic placement of your shifter/brake lever in your hand and it will put less strain on your cables causing them to last longer.

The handcycle grips are modular in design, so you'll need to tell us what combination of grips you want. Please carefully review all the descriptions and pictures and order a right (R) handcycle grip and a left (L) handcycle grip to suit your needs and your handcycle.

A recent customer writes - Hi Scott,
I could not be happier with the Ergo Handcycle Grips. I got a chance to use them this week and the fit is exactly what I was looking for. My hand fatique was really reduced, which has been an issue with me to date. I love the support of the racer horn. Great product! - Kevin Ronson, Peoria, AZ

Ergo Lite Handcycle Grips, another Bike-On Innovationare offered EXCLUSIVELY through, The Handcycle Store.

When ordering, please be sure to tell us what brand and model handcycle you have and the type of cranks you have; v-cranks, s-cranks, standard bicycle cranks, 

If you find a better price Bike-on will beat it!