GoFreewheel Freewheel

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With the FreeWheel you are ready to roll in seconds!

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GoFreewheel Freewheel

Now available with Folder Wheelchair option!!

Product Description 

This is the best thing to come our way since curb cuts! 

This durable, lightweight (under 5 lbs) Freewheel quickly clamps to your existing wheelchair footrest and allows you to push over surfaces that would typically be impossible. With the FreeWheel you are ready to roll in seconds.

Strolling, exercising, hiking, or just checking the mailbox, is so much easier with the FreeWheel. Grass, curbs, and rough roads can be easily navigated to hep you in your quest for independence.

Used with the rack, you can easily get to your favorite places while carrying your fishing gear, groceries, luggage, all without having to ask for help. The Rack installs in seconds and allows you to carry up to 25 lbs. with ease! Please measure the width of the vertical frame tubes on your chair, at the height of 11" from the ground. If the width is OVER 13-3/4" center-to-center, please indicate on your order. 

Higher Footrests and the FreeWheel

Custom Frame FreeWheel for Higher Footrests

 Many children and some adults have footrests that are higher than 4-3/4”  from the ground to the top of the footrest. In this instance you will need a                                        "Custom Frame” FreeWheel.

Custom frames come in 4 sizes: 5-1/2”, 6-1/2”, 7-1/2”, and 8-1/2”. 

Each has the ability to adjust up or down 1”. In other words, the highest footrest we can accommodate with a custom frame is 9-1/2”.

When ordering a custom frame it is important to let us know what your footrest looks.              

Please send SMALLER pictures to: info@bike-on.com  Include the following:               

1.  Height from the ground to the top of the footrest in the front AND in the back              

 2.  Depth of the footrest (so we can determine footrest angle).

If your footrest has risers, we also need to know the exact thickness of the footrest itself. We can provide a "modified D” which will then be mounted underneath the footrest, in the very front, to mimic the tubing the FreeWheel normally connects to.

Scott Pellett of Bike-On has one and loves it. He says "I keep mine with me all the time, it's in my vehicle and ready for action. Nowhere is off limits. It's great for softball fields, parks, trails, outdoor concerts, festivals...or just to roll down my lawn to the lake. I love my Freewheel!" 

If you find a lower price Bike-On will beat it!