Active Hands General Purpose Mini gripping aid (AH1m)

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The same basic design as the AH1 adult aid sizes but designed for young children (under 5’s). These aids assist children with many disabilities, including Cerebral Palsy, to grip items such as adapted tricycles and walkers, tools, instruments and toys.
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The General Purpose aid functions by tightening the strap in the upper section, which
gently pulls the hand into a fist shape, adjusting to hold items in the palm. The wrist strap
is also adjustable and the aid is padded to reduce chafing. The aids are machine washable.
The AH1 is available for right or left hand and comes in three sizes: small, standard and large.
Available colors: blue and pink

Durable and versatile

General Purpose gripping aids are essential for a wide range of tasks – at home, in the gym or out and about. Whether you’vehad a stroke, suffered a spinal injury or have any condition which reduces your hand function, our aids could unlock any number of activities for you:

  • Working out in the gym (e.g. holding free weights, using a rowing machine)
  • Playing on the Nintendo Wii
  • DIY at home (using a saw or hammer)
  • Holding a pool or snooker cue
  • Rowing or Kayaking
  • Gardening
  • Holding a glass or bottle