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Stephen Feldman

Stephen Feldman

Sales Specialist

In the adaptive equipment industry, handcycles get most of the glory and attention. They have an undeniable wow factor. Riding his handcycle in Central Park in New York City never fails to attract stares of delight from people who’ve just spotted one for the first time. But Stephen believes that “everyday” wheelchairs can be cool, too.

Stephen is the wheelchair specialist at Bike-On. His relationship with wheelchairs began 30 years ago as the era of black-and-white hospital-style clunkers was giving way to the dawn of today’s Technicolor modern, custom-made, ultra-lightweight models. He brought the same interest in discovering the best wheelchairs and accessories available as he did as a guitarist, who as a teenager drooled over guitar catalogs -- an equally keen interest in both style and function. Stephen’s first wheelchair was a fast-handling Quickie finished in an eye-grabbing candy-apple metallic red with matching translucent red casters.

The wheelchair market continues to evolve and the seemingly endless array of products and options is daunting, even to experienced consumers. Having never taken my eye off what the industry has to offer, and recognizing the crucial importance of listening to the customer’s needs, his role is more facilitator than salesperson. With a graduate degree in counseling, Stephen knows the importance of listening and asking the right questions. Working in close collaboration with his customers, the end result is always the right chair, the one that feels like an extension of your body. And, needless to say, at the BEST price!

Reach me at, or (888) 424-5366 x104.

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