Carbolife QUADRO Handrim

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Carbolife QUADRO Handrims

Product information Handrim QUADRO

  • The QUADRO will push the limits of your mobility.

Who are the QUADRO handrims suited for?

  • For tetraplegics without triceps function.

What are the advantages of the QUADRO handrims?

Designed with the biomechanics of tetraplegics with no triceps function in mind, the profile of the QUADRO provides you with a considerably larger gripping surface than a conventional handrim. Featuring an extremely robust anti-slip coating, it offers you an unsurpassed grip for efficient propulsion as well as maximum control during braking and when correcting the direction of travel.

Technical Specs:

  • Hand Function: limited hand function with tricep function
  • Size: 22″,24″,25″,26″
  • Surface Coating: anti-slip coating
  • Mounting: 6 tab mounting
  • Color: Black


Select Size

22", 24", 25", 26"

Select Mounting

6 Tab Mounting, Distance 465mm, 6 Tab Mounting, Distance 512mm, 6 Tab Mounting, Distance 523mm, 6 Tab Mounting, Distance 535mm, 6 Tab Mounting, Distance 565mm, 6 Rivet Nut, Bolt Circle 502.5mm, 6 Rivet Nut, Bolt Circle 510mm, 6 Rivet Nut, Bolt Circle 515mm, 6 Rivet Nut, Bolt Circle 539mm


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