FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment



FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment

The FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment quickly converts your folding or rigid wheelchair into a 3-wheeler that allows you to say goodbye to the normal limitations of your 4 wheel ride. Whether it’s sand, grass, off-road trails, or just out walking the dog, the FreeWheel will take you the places you need to go. Now offered in 3 powder coat colors.

Product Details:

  • FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment
  • Fits most folding & rigid wheelchairs
  • Initial set up is only 15 minutes or less
  • Clamps on in seconds after initial set up
  • Aircraft quality construction
  • Offered in 3 colors
  • Mounting hardware included

Additional Technical Information

  • Installation: The initial installation may take approximately 15 minutes, after that the FreeWheel clamps on and off in seconds.
  • Footrest Height: If the height of your footrest is over 4-3/4″ you may require a custom frame FreeWheel. See additional information below.
  • Footrest Angle: If the angle of your footrest is more than 12% the FreeWheel may not work. Please contact DME Hub for more information.
  • Frame & Fork: Made from strong, aircraft quality aluminum means your FreeWheel comes with a Satisfaction Guarantee. The unique patented design adds strength and means there are no sharp edges to catch on anyone or anything.
  • Clamp: The precisely engineered vise like connection allows you to confidentially attach your FreeWhee for a secure fit and excellent handling.
  • Wheel: The large front wheel has less resistance than small casters and makes it easier to roll on any surface, whether you are alone, or someone is helping you.
  • Detent: This mechanism keeps the front wheel straight to improve stability and handling. By applying slight pressure, it will release, allowing you to quickly and easily turn in any direction.
  • Perch: Attach the included perch onto your crossbar behind your seat back and clamp your FreeWheel onto it when you need to stow it. This allows you to have your FreeWheel literally at your fingertips and also, keeps it out of the way when you don’t.
  • Restrictions: The FreeWheel works on solid rigid-frame footrests that are a maximum of 4-3/4″ off the ground. If your footrest is “angled” (footrest higher in front than in the back) it must be angled no more than 12 degrees for the FreeWheel to clamp securely to your chair.

Freewheel Frame Color

Black, Blue, Red

Chair Type

Rigid Frame, Folding Frame (Adapter Included)(Add $139.00), Motion Composites Frame (Adapter Included)(Add $189.00)

Choose Tire

Pneumatic Tire, Solid Tire (Add $36.00)

Footrest Type

Standard, Angle Adjustable (Add $15.00)


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