ROHO Agility Mid Contour Backrest



ROHO Agility Mid Contour Wheelchair Backrest

The ROHO Agility Mid Contour Backrest uses the ROHO Air Flotation technology insert for added protection. This proven air cell system helps prevent pressure-related skin breakdown while offering airflow and comfort. The Agility back stays in place with the hardware’s unique interlocking teeth that help prevent slippage of the back system under load.

Product Details:

  • Moderate Lateral Support
  • Fully adjustable
  • Quick Release Hardware
  • Aircraft aluminum shell
  • Breathable/washable polyester cover
  • Polyurethane air insert
  • Weight capacity of 300 lbs
  • Weights start at 2.5 lbs (14″, low back)

Technical Specs:

  • Available widths: 14″-20″
  • Heights: 10″-18″
  • Weights start at: 2.5 lbs (14″, low back)
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
Choose Style

Air Pad Insert (STD), Air Pad Insert w/ Lumbar

Select Size

14"W X 10"T, 14"W X 13"T, 14"W X 16"T, 14"W X 18"T, 14"W X 20"T, 15"W X 10"T, 15"W X 13"T, 15"W X 16"T, 15"W X 18"T, 15"W X 20"T, 16"W X 10"T, 16"W X 13"T, 16"W X 16"T, 16"W X 18"T, 16"W X 20"T, 17"W X 10"T, 17"W X 13"T, 17"W X 16"T, 17"W X 18"T, 17"W X 20"T, 18"W X 10"T, 18"W X 13"T, 18"W X 16"T, 18"W X 18"T, 18"W X 20"T, 19"W X 10"T, 19"W X 13"T, 19"W X 16"T, 19"W X 18"T, 19"W X 20"T, 20"W X 10"T, 20"W X 13"T, 20"W X 16"T, 20"W X 18"T, 20"W X 20"T


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