Stricker Lipo Smart Bundle


Stricker Lipo Smart Bundle Includes:

  • 1 Stricker Lipo Smart Para
  • Free Set of Schwalbe Marathon Tires (24″, 25″ or 26″) ($89 Value)
  • Free set of KLICKfix Counterweights ($200 Value)
  • Free domestic shipping ($250 Value)


Stricker Lipo Smart Para Attachable Handbike

Intelligent pedelec sensors turn your Lipo Smart Para handbike into an e-bike in no time at all. As soon as the sensor detects the crank movement, it passes the information onto the controller and automatically switches on the electric motor. The only difference to a conventional hybrid bike is that you have to move the cranks, otherwise no action is taken. Besides, you can choose the speed of the assistance as required. In this particularly smart way electrification revolutionizes mobility for paraplegics.



  • Motor 36V/250W – 25 km/h velocity
  • 20-24″ wheel
  • Axle weights include
  • 11,6 Ah Battery 36V 2,4 kg
  • 40 km riding distance approx. in flat area
  • Charger 1,2 Ah – 9h charging time
  • Freewheel – almost no resistance while rolling backward
  • 8 gear chain shift 246%
  • chainring: top 44, bottom 13-32
    1.gear: 2,19 m
    8.gear: 5,39 m
  • Weight with battery: 21 kg
  • For transport without battery: 18,6 kg
  • V-brake and disc-brake
  • Kickstand
  • Speedometer, LED lamp with battery
  • Display with state of charge
    • amount of charges
    • battery temperature and speed
  • Throttle at handle
  • 3-speed switch
  • Stricker cranks (choose between 3 cranks)
In Stock Model

Standard 20" Wheel- Black, Stricker Tetra Upgrade

Free Set of Schwalbe Marathon Tires (Add-On)

24", 25", 26"


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