Wheelchair Buddies


Do not leave your wheelchair behind, take it with you! Excellent for long rides, tours, and super convenient to be able to ride and get back on your chair anywhere.

Wheelchair Buddies Handcycle Attachments


Wheelchair Buddies are a problem solver! Who hasn’t gone for a ride on their handcycle and wished that they could have taken their chair along? Wheelchair Buddies offer a unique solution that will work for many handcyclists.

There are some restrictions, so do some measuring before you order. We wouldn’t want you to get them and then not be able to use them with your handcycle/wheelchair combination.

Take the wheels off your chair (rigid non-folding chair) and measure the widest point (usually the axle tube). Now, measure the narrowest point between your rear wheels on your handcycle. If your chair is at least an inch narrower than your rear wheels, give these a try.

They are an affordable solution to an age-old problem. If your measurement combinations work, you’ll want these Wheelchair Buddies on your handcycle. They are small enough so that you leave them there all the time, then when the occasion for use comes up, you’re ready to go!

How it works

Once the wheelchair buddies have the wheelchair attached to the handcycle, the wheelchair buddies are rotated by pulling the wheelchair towards the rider, so the crossbar of the handcycle acts as a fulcrum and holds the weight of the wheelchair on top of the handcycle crossbar.

After the wheelchair is rotated over top of the handcycle crossbar, the wheelchair is latched, so it remains in that position. By doing it this way, none of the wheelchair (not even the castors) is touching the ground avoiding drag or bouncing every time there is a bump.

wheelchair buddies attachables



Option 1

Here the WB1 model will slide into the anti-tipper slots of the wheelchair.




Option 2

If there are no anti-tipper slots, but the wheelchair has frame end caps, remove them and attach the WB1 model.




Option 3

If neither of the first two options is possible, the WB2 model can attach to the wheelchair crossbar.  Virtually every wheelchair has this.





If you have anti-tipper slots or frame ends you should order WB1. If you don’t have either the anti-tipper slots or the frame ends, then you will need WB2, which attaches directly to the axle of your wheelchair.


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