SportCrafters Trike Mini Roller Fixed Magnetic Resistance

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Bike-On tested and approved!

This item is for Recumbent Trikes only! Not for Handcycles.


SportCrafters Trike Mini Roller

Bike-On Tested and Approved !!!

This new SportCrafter model of trike trainer uses mag resistance inside of the red drum. For most people, one drum with resistance is plenty adequate. However, if you’re seeking more power in your workout, opt for the progressive resistance option 

Like it’s older sibling, the Handcycle Roller, this trainer works great for single rear wheel trikes and requires no clamping on the rear skewer. 

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* Accommodates 20" and larger wheels 
* Two 3.25” heavy aluminum lathe-turned drums allow you to use your road tires to train. 
* Mag resistance is invisible, ultimately reliable, no moving parts and noiseless 
* Lifetime lubricated and sealed radial ball bearings. 
* Rugged powder-coated steel construction. 

If you find a lower price Bike-On will beat it! 

This item is for Recumbent Trikes only! Not for Handcycles