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Trikes For All Abilities 

This is an area where we really shine.  Our early history of serving the handcycle market, then sports wheelchairs, then onto pediatric and special needs recumbent trikes for disabled veterans has really prepared us to do well in this marketplace.  We invite you to visit with us, in person, by phone or email.  Get to know us, and you'll understand our passionate desire to get everyone out on a bike (or trike).

Pediatric Trikes

We have wonderful relationships with our manufacturing partners.  The good folks at Tri-Aid, Rifton, Tri-Vel, Freedom Concepts and Amtryke provide some amazing trikes with unlimited options to accomodate our little ones.  It's up to us and you to choose the right combination of options to help your child ride.  We prefer to keep the trike as minimal as possible so that it can be a spontaneous decision to ride, but at the same time we realize that some children need a host of positioning, gearing and guiding tools to make it a fulfilling opportunity for child and parent alike.

A particular interest among many families is the desire to ride with the rest of the families.  One of our manufacturers, Tri-Vel offers an optional tow-bar for all their trikes.  This is an amazing piece that really speaks to families.  Now the child can ride alone, working on strength and flexibility, but when it's time for a family ride, they're not left behind.  Their trike is easily attached to the rear of an adult bike and off they go!

Adaptive Adult Recumbents

We are fortunate to have been able to work with countless individuals, crafting them an often one-of-a-kind recumbent that gets them on the road.  We work with a number of veteran organizations who provide cycling grants to wounded veterans.  While most of the veterans we serve are amputees, we have also provided great numbers of cycling solutions to brain injured, or  to folks who have had a stroke.  We have a wide array of adaptive pedals that we can put on one side or both, and can move all the steering, shifting, braking controls to their dominant side to operate by hand.

It is truly amazing to witness, but often times a person's visible disability will disappear when they are on a well made, and properly fitted trike.  We successfully built a trike for a veteran who is a quadruple amputee.  We used adaptive pedals, electronic shifting and a power assist motor coupled with plenty of other small tweaks to make this trike blend with him.  Please let us help you to get on the road too, there is nothing better than the feeling of wind in your face!

Trial Rides

Visit with us at our shop showroom in Warwick, Rhode Island.  We're here to serve you.  If you call and schedule some time with our technicians we will block off enough one-on-one time with you in order to give you a real feel of what we might do for you.

Price Range

We carry a healthy range of brands so have a wide range in prices for you to find just the right trike for your pocketbook.  Generally, prices range from around $1000- $5000.  Extra premium options like electronic shifting and power assist can add from $1000-$3000.  On a positive note, if you purchase over the internet we are not required to charge you sales tax, unless you are a Rhode Island resident.

We're here for you after the sale

Our business is a relationship business.  We ask a lot of questions, we work with you to understand your needs, we get it right!  All of that interaction creates a bond.  That bond leads to loyalty.  When we close the loop and bring you to a state of loyalty we've done our job well.

We want to hear from you after your purchase.  Call us for advice on componentry, maintenance, aftermarket or replacement parts.  Join the Bike-On family.

We have customers who have been with us for nearly 20 years.  Some have that first trike and we're still friends.  Some others have evolved through the sport with us and have purchased a number of trikes over the years.  The loyalty we earn from our customers is a priceless affirmation of our work well done.

Bike-On Connection

Make that Bike-On connection.  Tap into our knowledge base.  Grow with us!  

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