Van Raam Kivo Tandem

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Kivo Tandem


The Kivo is a child-parent tandem with a grown-up sitting behind and a child sitting in front. The child can get a good view of the environment. The rider sitting behind can always keep a good watch on the child. The Kivo has a low step through and therefore, is easier to use. Normally the Kivo has 8 gears and a freewheel switch.
You can use the switchable freewheel  to determine whether and how the passenger pedals.  The Kivo also has a variant with two wheels behind.  An optional electric engine is possible to install on all the variants, which gives a comfortable pedal support, this makes cycling on this tandem even easier.


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The Kivo Tandem

Available for:
Institutions, individuals, homes, municipal and other companies or organizations who want to provide social contact and movement by cycling outdoors with a child and a companion. 
Smooth running • easy to use • comfortable • safe • good contact with passenger •  multiple options and adjustments possible ● 8 gears ● cantilever brakes. 
switchable disengagement system, 8 gears, lock, light, 5 years garanty on frame, powder coating, colour: Apple green

Technical Specifications

Item Code 376-0000
Frame size R 52 cm F 34 cm
Inside leg length R 77-99 F 55-75
Sitting height R 86,5 - 98 cm, F 62,5 - 70 cm
Step up height R 44 CM F 38 cm
Weight bicycle +/- 39 KG
Max. length 244 cm
Max. width 66 cm
Wheel size front 20"
Wheel size back 26"
Brakes V-Brakes
color Appel green
Price From, ex VAT and delivery
Standard including freewheel switch, lightning, lock, bell etc.