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Why Bike-On for your Handcycle?

Bike-On wants to sell you your handcycle! We've been specializing in handcycles since 1999.  
We know handcycles better than any other vendor.  We will give you our best guidance on every detail of
your handbike, we guarantee you the best price on the market, and work with you after sale for any
questions, concerns or accessories...we'll even sell your bike when you're ready to move up to a new one!

 What makes us qualified?  Bike-On has been at the forefront of the handcycle world since we started
our business in 1999.  With a steady hand we have pushed the envelope for handcylists around the world.
As innovators we have developed handcycle enhancements that in some cases have become the standard
for the industry.  And, we're proud to say that our hand cycle sales people are the best in the industry,
hands down!

Visit with us, you'll see.



bike-on handcycles

Bike-On thanks our customers


But hey, what about you? 

You may have experience, or may not.  Here at bike-on, we cover all the bases.  We can help first time, recreational riders who just want to get back on the trails, the bike path, or even an occasional race.  

Experienced handcyclists who want to upgrade their current bike or move into a new bike will find our race handcycle specialists to be top notch.  Our Handcycle Sales Team  consist of racers, recreational handcyclists, and everything in between. Get in touch with us, we can help!

Financing options?  We offer a credit based finance option so that you can spread the cost over a term of as much as 36 months.  A 2nd program allows you to pay 1/2 down and clear the balance in 12 monthly payments.  Ask our Handcycle Specialist for details. 




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Check us out, get to know us.  Call us, email us. We think you will like us. For the most part, we are ordinary folks living in or with extraordinary circumstances. Some of us use wheelchairs, but all of us live this life with passion. We’re here at Bike-On for a reason, we dig this. Check out forums, read our reviews, etc.. We try real hard to get it right for our customers and truly want to be your friend too.


You are not a number.  Don’t worry about being lost in our system, you will never be a  number, we will know your name, you will deal with us one-on-one and we will still love you and want to talk to you after the sale too!  We’re not short-sighted, we want to be your go-to vendor for the long haul.  Many of our customers have been with us for nearly 20 years. Roll with us!




Overview of the Handcycle Industry


top end force 3 at bike-on.com

Competitive or Racing?  Our hand cycle sales team covers all categories. If your desire is to race handcycles, our
high performance hand cycle specialists who follow the cutting edge trends in design, componentry, positioning,
and training will guide you. We are handcycle racers, we understand your mindset and will guide you towards a
performance handbike with your goals in mind!

Recreational Handcycling? We've found that the majority of our handcycle customers are recreational
handcyclists. Somehow, the taste of getting on the road, whether to handcycle with the kids around the neighborhood,
cruise the local bike path with family and friends, or take part in a more vigorous handcycle ride on the road is sweeter for handcyclists. Feeling the simple joy of handcycling, when it may have been out of reach, can be a life-changing experience.  

Our handbike staff includes Recreational and Physical Therapists if particular guidance is needed, as well as a group of seasoned handcyclists ranging from recreational to racing. We are the leader in handcycle sales for a simple reason:
We are handcyclists. We will consider your disability, the terrain in your area, your budget & your handcycling goals.
Let us help you.



Our Brands


We sell many brands of handcycles and are well informed on each model they carry.  
Shop our site, you’ll find the handcycle that is right for you. 
If you need help to make that Bike-On Top End Handcyclesfinal choice,
just reach out to us.  We’re not into the hard sell game, we’re happy to help you out. The
brands that we find the most interest in from our customers are:


Top End - Top End was founded in 1986. They have been leaders in wheelchair sports since the early days.
In 1999 Bike-On got started and we hitched our wagon to the Top End brand. We grew side by side, helping
each other rise to the top of our game. We're proud to be their largest volume dealer in the world.

Top End manufactures a full line of hand cycles. Clearly they still dominate the handcycle market worlwide.
They offer the winning Force RX handcycle and other great models designed for recreation, off road, and
even winning children's hand cycles






Bike-On Carbonbike Handcycles

 Carbonbike - 

Carbonbike-USA is the distributor of Polish manufactured Carbonbike.  Chris Peterson and Stephane Massard are pushing the envelope of performance hand cycles.  The Carbonbike handbike is currently the top choice for competitive hand cyclists world-wide.  Attention to design detail and quality craftsmanship shines through on all their bikes.  

Bike-On has a long history with Chris Peterson and the Carbonbike brand.  Our Production Manager Chris Coyne adds additional value to each of our Carbonbike sales with his finishing touches including Di2 shifting, ultra light-weight componentry, and our Quad Elite enhancements.






Bike-On Varna Handcycles




Varna - Varna Handcycles are built for recreational use as well as competitive cycing. Steadily gaining a solid reputation as a long-term quality manufacturer in North America, Varna Innovation's racing machines are well known and popular throughout the European market, and have been the number one choice amongst a society who have an appreciation for sturdy design and superior functionality. Varna Innovations has a life-time gaurentee on a frame. Enjoy a comfortable ride in the trails or race in marathons, the world is yours in this handcycle!





Bike-On Top End Quad Elites




 Quad Elite and Quadriplegic Handcycles  

For years we've pushed the envelope on Quad Enhancements on hand cycles.  We were the first to develop a Quad specific handgrip, then our Bike-On Brake open the door for real cycling adventure!  Now we offer power assist, Di2 electronic shifting, and lift seats!  Avoid transfers Rounding with our Stricker wheelchair attachable handbikes, which are amazing!

Visit with us about all of this, we have an accomplished Quad hand cyclist who will help you get started on that new Quadriplegic friendly handcycle.

Quadriplegic Handcycles




Bike-On Stricker Attachable Handbikes




 Stricker Attachable Handcycles  

Stricker Clamp System independently fits to your everyday wheelchair without the need for any permanent attachments or modifications. Our compact adaptive system provides a flexible and neat solution which fits most models of wheelchair. The range cover active to recreational users. A choice of power assist or fully powered or for the keen cyclist a wide range of gearing ratios. There are lighter and smaller models for easy transportation and storage. Also a wide range of accessories for every occasion including USB options and carrying devices.

These attachable handcycles are a great alternative  if you wish to not transfer from wheelchair to bike. With plenty of choices to chose between manual and electric, your possibilities are endless.




Bike-On offroading Handbikes




 Lasher Offroading Handcycles  

Lasher Sport All Terrain Handcycles are much more than off-the-shelf handcycles with fat tires. Pioneering the recumbent style all terrain handcycle, Lasher Sport cycles come standard with a super strong magnesium frame and high quality components. These rugged recumbent bikes are specifically designed for off road adventures, yet still ride smooth on pavement. With two robust models and a comprehensive menu of customization options, these All Terrain Handcycles are too smooth to pass up.







bike-on handcycles

Our Specialists 

Our handcycle Specialists are wheelchair users - just like you.


bike-on handcycles

John Squires 

is our Quadriplegic Handcycle Specialist.  He is a 25+ year wheelchair user.  If you'd like having a quad’s perspective to bounce ideas off, then John is your guy! John has been an athlete his entire life. Being an athlete is who you are, not something you do. He is a sponsored handcycle racer, Bike-On’s “QUAD ELITE POSTER GUY” and a C 5-6 QUAD. He gives 150% every day and doesn’t believe in complacency.

John was a long time Bike-On customer before he began working with us. He has been helping customers with chairs and handcycles for years and is focused on peer-to-peer support. John has been handcycling for 20 years. While things have certainly come a long way, he believes NO ONE knows what you need more than another wheeler.


Bike-On Handcycles



Josh Sharpe is also a 20 + year wheelchair user.  He's a gifted athlete and an all-around real nice guy.  Living in the panhandle of Florida, Josh gets lots of riding in.  He is an accomplished handcycle racer.  Josh works with many disabled veterans and has been able to help them find funding resources.  Josh@bike-on.com // ext. 216


Doyle Mann has 40 + years of active wheelchair use and nearly as many as a sportsman.  Equally comfortable helping you with your handcycle needs as well as everyday wheelchair and sports chair.  Doyle has many years of experience working at Top End and is therefore an expert on their handcycle product line. Doyle@bike-on.com // ext. 105


Dave Lee is not a wheelchair user (no judgement here).  Instead he comes with awesome recreational experience.  Dave is a Recreational Therapist, Program Director, and Paralympian liaison with Northeast Passage in New Hampshire.  Dave has been with Bike-On for nearly 20 years!  Dave is very adept has proven experience configuring team needs, or fleets of sports wheelchairs and adaptive cycles for organizations. Dave@bike-on.com // ext 212




Partner With Us

We want your business, we really do. We know you have many choices. We hope our reputation has preceded us and you’ve heard from some of our satisfied customers. If not, please make contact. We are confident that we can combine our skills with your desires to achieve a great handcycle experience for you.

Bike-On Handcycles

We’ll provide the best price, guaranteed.  We monitor our competitors pricing too and always adjust our prices to be the lowest. 

If we’ve missed a lower price, show us, we’ll beat it!

Can we do even better on the price, yes we can!  Save an additional 5% by taking on one or all these tasks:

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Handcycle Accessories


 Handcycle Accessories

We’ve got a remarkable selection of handcycle accessories to chose from.  Let us help you choose handcycle handgrips, Bionx, handcycle rollers and trainers, and tires and wheels!

Featured Accessories

Bionx for Handcycles at Bike-On

Bionx S 350 DX

Can be installed on any number of bikes! Including all Top End handcycles as well as many recumbent Trikes! Turn your handcycle into
and e-bike for easy riding today!





Spinergy stealth Handcycle wheels

Spinergy Stealth Handcycle Wheels (3)

The New Ultimate Handcycle Wheel Set! Spinergy Wheels combines its patented PBO spoke technology with a deep CARBON rim to provide the smoothest and most reliable option on the market.






handcycle rollers with bike-on

SportCrafters Handcycle Roller

The SportCrafters Roller/Trainer lets you mount your handcycle easily by just lifting it in place over the leg support tubes. No other special devices or tires are required.






ergo grips from bike-on

Bike-On Ergo Lite Handcycle Grip

We think our Ergo Lite Handcycle Grips will become the new standard in handcycle grips. They are ergo-shaped and rubber cushioned for a comfy feel, and they are light too. You'll appreciate the lack of that pesky spindle that your fingers get wrapped around - they feel good! 







handcycle car rack from bike-on

 Bike-On Handcycle Bike Rack

Our Bike-on & Go Rack makes transporting your handcycle, recumbent or trike a breeze. Finally, a modular rack that adjusts in seconds, is easy to mount on your vehicle, all with secure fixtures to keep your bike firmly in place for the longest of trips.