Bike-On Tilite Wheelchairs

Why Bike-On?

Bike-On wants to sell you your wheelchair, and guess what, we are better at this than any other vendor
out there. Ok, we said it, we’ve drawn the line in the sand, we’re sticking to it. Get to know us, you’ll find a
friend in us. We’re really good at this, let us help you into the very best chair you’ve ever used.

You thought we just sold bikes?  We do sell a bunch of adaptive cycles and other recreational mobility
products, but we sell lots of wheelchairs too, and we’d like to sell more.

 What makes us qualified?  Well for starters half of our staff use wheelchairs.  We’ve got a combined
150 + years of wheelchair use between us.  We’re active wheelchair users too, we push the limits, we
need performance, we demand quality.  We’re fortunate to have a showroom full of product to test, and
ready access to manufacturers, so we’re informed.  We know what works and are happy to pass along our experiences to you.




We Do Wheelchairs

Bike-On thanks our customers

But hey, what about you? 
You’ve got experience as well.  We rarely sell a person their first chair, it is likely a 2nd or 3rd, or more. 
You've got the same kind of experience as us most likely.  So why, when you try to go the insurance
route do the National Chains insist on you going to the “seating clinic” to be measured and assessed? 
Do you really think that newly-minted Able-Bodied PT knows your needs better than you?  You’re the
user, you know your body, you know your existing chair, and what changes, if any, you need.  Our
experience proves that having a drill-down discussion with one of our wheelchair specialists will get you to
better place in terms of making the right choices in customizing your next chair.  

Insurance?  We do not accept insurance claims with the exception of Workman’s Compensation Insurance.  Sometimes our customer will purchase from us, and make a self-claim but that is totally on you. 

Financing options?  We have program that will present you with a credit based finance option so that you can spread the cost over a term of as much as 36 months.  We have a 2nd program where you can pay 1/2 down and pay the balance in 12 monthly payments.  Ask our Wheelchair Specialist for details. 




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Check us out, get to know us.  Call us, chat us up. We think you will like us.  For the most part, we are ordinary folks living in or with extraordinary circumstances.  Some of us use wheelchairs, but all of us live this life with passion.  We’re here at Bike-On for a reason, we dig this.  Check out forums, read our reviews, etc.. We try real hard to get it right for our customers and truly want to be your friend.


You are not a number.  Don’t worry about being lost in our system, you will never be a  number, we will know your name, you will deal with one-on-one and we will still love you and want to talk to you after the sale too.  We’re not short-sighted, we want to be your go-to vendor for the long haul.  Many of our customers have been with us for more than 15 years.




Overview of the Wheelchair Industry

Are they the bad guys?  It’s easy for us to poke at the National Chains and point to the stress they cause for you in terms of dealing with insurance and coding, and all the things that bring them to the bottom line of a sale of a wheelchair to you.  They have stress, we would too.  We would not change positions with them for anything.  Dealing with insurance and Medicare and Medicaid is not fun.  It is painful - for you, and for them.  It rarely ends well, there are generally no holiday cards exchanged.


We Do Wheelchairs

Less choices coming?  The industry is changing. The market is driven by funding. For example, Medicare is
pushing back on reimbursement 
for titanium. As that continues, the self-pay market will not be able to sustain the
higher quality manufacturing processes alone. We need the funding sources to support it as well. So yes, if the trend continues, choices will be minimized.

 You’ll still have to pay.  Unfortunately, even with insurance funding you’ll find that you’ll need to come out of pocket for your dream chair.  The issue causing this is the reimbursement rate that the National Brands need to deal with.  Say for instance that you’re getting a TiLite Titanium chair that has an msrp of $6000.  This is coded as
a K0005 - Ultralight Wheelchair.  The reimbursement is not based on the total cost of the chair you spec out, it is based on the code.  Let’s say the reimbursement for K0005 is $2000.  In this case the National Chain will need another $4000 from you to close
the gap.  Sometimes the final cost from us will be less out of pocket, so even if you have insurance coverage, get
a quote showing your out of pocket from your National Chain vendor and let us price it at our discount rate.  

You maybe surprised that our pricing is so good, and the process is way more painless. 


Our Brands

Bike-On Tilite Wheelchairs


We sell many brands of wheelchairs and are well informed on each model they carry.  
Shop our site, you’ll find the chair that is right for you. 
If you need help to make that
final choice, just reach out to us.  We’re not into the hard sell game, we’re happy to help you out. 
The brands that we find the most interest in from our customers are:


TiLite - TiLite has been at the cutting edge of custom wheelchairs for years. 
Discerning customers appreciate the lightweight structure of their titanium frames,
though they do great work with aluminum as well.  Tilt has a multitude of options
that will allow for customized immersion.  We can help you to build a chair that will
fit and feel perfectly.




Bike-On Kushall Wheelchairs


 Kuschall - Kuschall is back in the USA.  A premier chair from Europe, the Swiss-made Kuschall is a world-wide favorite.  Built with a touch of class, the Kuschall chair is engineered with care, using the highest quality componentry, but with a high sense of aesthetics.  Each chair is beautiful.  Kuschall is offered in both rigid (non-folding) andfolding designs.  In our view, the Champion model is the one that is most welcome in the USA market.  It is the only folder on the market that rolls like a rigid frame chair, but folds to the smallest size possible.  The back canes even fold down onto the seat for the most compact fit into small spaces.  The folding mechanism is an award wining design.  Instead of the typical X crossbraces, this one has a horizontal cross brace so that it folds without the seat rail rising - again, the smallest fold - check it out!




Bike-On Motion Composites Wheelchairs



Motion Composites - Our friends at Motion Composites in Montreal have created a winning formula.  

They’re reaching critical mass in Canada in terms of market share and are now bringing their fine
wheelchairs to the USA.  The hallmark of their product is their Veloce and the Apex.  Both of these
wheelchairs offer a carbon fiber frame.  
The Veloce folds, the Apex is rigid.  If lightweight
performance with a touch of class is appealing to you, talk to us about the Motion Composites
brand.  Compared to the general market of carbon fiber framed wheelchairs, these chairs
are very competitively priced.  We discount them generously to add to the value.  Let’s talk….





Bike-On Top End Sport Wheelchairs






Sports Chairs - We’ve got you covered, what’s your game. We have Sales Specialists 
who use sports wheelchairs - we won’t be guessing when we help you to spec your sports
chair.  We know that fractions of inches make a difference.  If you or your team are in the
market for a Tennis, Basketball, or Racing Wheelchair, get with us, let us help!




Our Specialists 

Our wheelchair Specialists are wheelchair users - just like you.


We Do Wheelchairs

 Stephen Feldman is our Active Everyday Wheelchair Specialist.  To say that Stephen is a wheelchair guru is an understatement.  As a 20 + year wheelchair user, and careful, open thinker, he has taken wheelchair configuration to a new level.  He is well respected in the Care-Cure Forum and is sought out from our customers from around the world.  His ideas start with your desires, in consideration of your disability, seating preferences, anticipated uses and of course your budget. As the wheelchair market continues to grow, the wide array of products we offer may seem dauting but Stephens ability to listen to the customers needs shows that his role is more facilitator than salesperson. 





Josh Sharpe is also a 20 + year wheelchair user.  Josh can help with an everyday chair or a sports wheelchair.  Quickie Poster
Josh is an avid wheelchair tennis player, handcyclist, and active outdoors person. // ext. 216


John Squires is a quadriplegic handcyclist and a 25+ year wheelchair user.  If having a quad’s perspective to
bounce ideas off of, then John is your guy. // ext. 103


Doyle Mann has 40 + years of active wheelchair use and nearly as many as a sportsman.  Equally
comfortable helping you with your everyday wheelchair as well as your sports chair.  Doyle has many years
of experience working at Top End - he’s got great hand’s on sports chair knowledge.  He’s an active tennis
and wheelchair softball player, and handcyclist. // ext. 105


Dave Lee is not a wheelchair user (no judgement here).  Instead he comes with awesome recreational
experience.  Dave is the Program Director, and Paralympian liaison with Northeast Passage in New Hampshire. 
Dave is very adept and has proven experience configuring team or fleets of sports wheelchairs for organizations. 
Connect with Dave for team/group discount quotes. // ext 212




Partner With Us

We want your business, we really do. We know you have many choices. We hope our reputation has preceded us and you’ve heard from some of our satisfied customers. If not, please make contact. We are confident that we can combine our skills with your desires to achieve a great wheelchair experience for you.

Bike-On Wheelchairs

We’ll provide the best price, guaranteed.  We monitor our competitors pricing too and always adjust our prices to be the lowest. 

If we’ve missed a lower price, show us, we’ll beat it!

Can we do even better on the price, yes we can!  Save an additional 5% by taking on one or all these tasks:

2% - Pay with a check, e-check or wire transfer instead of a credit card

1% - Give us Social Love - like us, share us, give us a testimonial on your social platform

1% - Review 10 products on our site

1% - Become a Roll Model - submit your pic, brief bio, user experience (after sale)



Wheelchair Accessories


 Wheelchair Accessories

We’ve got a remarkable selection of wheelchair accessories to chose from.  Let us help you choose wheelchair seat cushions, seat backs, custom wheelchair brakes, wheels and tires.

Featured Accessories

Wheelchair Seat Cushion

Stabile-Air Wheelchair Cushion by Star Cushion

The Stabil-Air is the perfect blend of a multi-celled air cushion with contoured foam internal to each
of the air cells. The internal foam provides two amazing benefits.





Firefly Power Handcycle

Firefly Power Handcycle

The Firefly Power Handcycle has the ability to turn almost any wheelchair into an electric-powered chair.
This power handcycle attachment is lightweight and fully based on electric power.






Advantage bags from bike-on

Wheelchair Super Pac

Innovative, durable, and spacious; the super pac carries it all! Side Release Adapt A Strap System securely
attaches the pac to any position on the push handles! arge Lid Pocket, great place for immediately needed personal items.






Ribgrips from bike-on


Go power - more distance per push. Stop Power - stop on a dime. A wheelchair handrim designed by a quadriplegic
veteran, RibGrips are perfect for anyone looking to push their wheelchair with more ease and comfort.