Sunrise Medical Jay J3 Wheelchair Cushion

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The JAY® J3™ wheelchair cushion provides outstanding stability and optimal pressure distribution!

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Sunrise Medical Jay J3 Wheelchair Cushion

The JAY® J3™ wheelchair cushion provides outstanding stability and optimal pressure distribution for the client at high risk of skin breakdown, and offers the choice of JAY Flow™ fluid or ROHO DRY FLOATATION® air inserts. 


The J3 wheelchair cushion is available with a wide range of positioning options to help the user maintain appropriate postural stability. Optional lateral and medial thigh supports as well as lateral pelvic supports are affixed securely to the cushion base. 

The patent-pending new Pleating Geometry design of the fluid pads helps to increase immersion and envelopment. Pleats create greater surface area on the top of the pad and pleats expand to accommodate pelvic shape. 

The new J3 Cushion is an excellent solution for today's bariatric population with its 500 lbs weight capacity available in all cushion configurations. 

The ROHO DRY FLOATATION® Technology air PLA insert is available in a single chamber and dual chamber bladder. The single chamber bladder provides adjustable immersion and the dual chamber bladder provides an additional obliquity solution. Both systems provide evenly distributed pressure loading (A.K.A. hydrostatic loading) with outstanding stability via the JAY Optiwell™ Pelvic Loading Area. The best of both worlds! 

Width and Depth Range: 12" to 24" 

Weight Capacity 500 lbs. 

Multiple Cover Options - J3 cushions are available with the choice of three cover options: 

• Stretch - allows for proper immersion and prevents the increase in pressure resulting from surface tension 

• Incontinence/Moisture-Resistant - helps with incontinence management by protecting the foam base from moisture build-up 

• Microclimatic - dissipates heat and moisture to keep the surface and the client clean and dry 

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