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At Bike-On, we know people of all abilities enjoy cycling. That’s why we have over 20 years’ experience selling handcycles from premier manufacturers such as Lasher Sports, Freedom Concept, and Top End. We stock a wide variety of handcycles for cyclists of all levels. Whether you’re new to cycling or a competitive rider, we have you covered.

Bike-On carries over 100 recreational and competitive handcycles, including pediatric handcycles and hand bikes for handicapped adults. We sell everything from bicycle attachments for wheelchairs to full handcycles, all of which have the guaranteed lowest online pricing.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we can cater to riders of all ability. That’s why we’ve pioneered handcycling for quadriplegics with our industry-leading Quad Elite line. Bike-On’s Quad Elite handcycles are designed specifically with quadriplegic cyclists in mind, complete with features such as electronic shifting, braking, and single side component configurations

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recreational handcycles

These hand bikes are designed for casual use on roads and typically have an upright seating position. Most recreational handcycles have the same tricycle layout as the Top End Force G, with two rear wheels and one driven front wheel. However, there are exceptions. The Varna Marathoner, for example, has a two-wheel design with a driven front wheel. And the Hand Magnum by Greenspeed is a tricycle with two front wheels and one driven rear wheel.

Competitive Handcycles

These handcycles are designed with competition in mind. As a result, you will see increased speeds through aerodynamic frame designs, reclined seat positions, and very lightweight frame materials. Carbon fiber material is the go-to choice for elite handcycle racers but many companies also offer aluminum options at a cheaper price point as well. One of the most extreme examples of this is the Maddiline Pro Evo,  which features a sleek frame design constructed of an ultra-lightweight frame, premium race wheels, and cutting edge components for the ultimate riding experience.

handcycle race at the starting line

attachable Handbikes

Offering a way for riders to enjoy cycling without even getting in and out of their wheelchair. Attachable handcycles mount onto the front of your wheelchair, giving you a layout with one driven front wheel. Options can range from hand crank pedals, power assist options, and full power with a throttle driven electric motor system. You will find yourself traveling greater distances with less effort, increasing your muscle strength and enjoying the freedom of cycling.

Off Road Handcycles

Designed for cyclists who like to take the road less-traveled, off-road handcycles have rugged tires that can handle tough terrain. There is lots of variety when it comes to off-road hand trikes. Many models, such as the Lasher Sports ATH rigid and suspension versions feature an upright adjustable seating position and have two rear wheels with one driven front wheel. The latest craze for adaptive riders is the Maddiline Race Xe. This beast offers electric-assist only pedaling with dual batteries, knobby tires, and ready to take you to new adventures. Check out the Race Xe and all it has to offer.

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quad elite handcycle racer during a marathon

Quadriplegic Handcycles

Just as they sound, these handcycles are designed for quadriplegic’s looking to cycle!

Quad Tested and Quad Approved! We have been at the forefront of the Quadriplegic handcycling movement since our early years. We’re very fortunate to have a very talented Quad Elite Team of hard-working, forward-thinking, creative problem solvers. Our C5 hand pedals and our Bike-On brake are the centerpieces of our designs. Our production staff enhances the package with a combination of electronic shifting, component design, and power assist where needed. Hundreds of quads are using our system, and you can too!

Pediatric Handbikes

This category covers a wide variety of handcycles for children. Some bikes, such as the Top End Lil’ Excelerator are intended for general pediatric use. Others are designed for more specific purposes. The Amtryke A-10, for example, features a fixed gear mechanism and is for early intervention. And the Freedom Concepts EHD U16WG was designed for both children and adults who have Spina Bifida.

Handcycling is easily one of the fastest-growing adaptive sports around, and it’s easy to see why. Handcycles allow people of all abilities to reap the social and health benefits of cycling. And because there are so many different styles of hand bikes and trikes available, you can choose one that’s ideally suited to your type of riding.

At Bike-On we’ve been at the forefront of the handcycling movement for more than 20 years. Our knowledgeable team has a breadth of experience performing demos and fittings for nonprofits as well as various VA centers around the country.

We take time to explain the different types of hand bikes we sell and work with you to choose the one that’s right for you.

New to handcycling? Get started by filling out our handcycle help form below and let us guide you into the handcycle to fit you seemlesly

Bike-On handcycle reviews

Mike L.
Mike L.
Read More
Bike-On knows their stuff when it comes to handcycles. I have never been happier riding on my force 3. Excellent service, friendly staff, unbeatable pricing.
Benny V.
Benny V.
Read More
Quad Elite Builds are amazing. Work with John on my Quad build and the entire Bike-on staff was truly a pleasure. I can not say enough about their knowledge and will be back for all my handcycle needs! - Thank you Bike-on, 5 Stars!
Jenny W.
Jenny W.
Read More
Bike-On rocks! They worked with my son to get him back into fitness and on a handcycle. I was so pleased the way he was treated and how carefully they worked with him! He loves his new handbike and I could not be happier to see him ride again after his accident. Thank you so much Bike-on!

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