Is the 2020 HP Velotechnik Gekko the best value for a new recumbent rider?

HP Velotechnik Gekko FX20 recumbent trike photography


As spring slowly makes way to push out winter here in Rhode Island, here at Bike-on we have been eager to get back to cycling and test out our new 2020 floor models that have been built over the offseason and just waiting for customers to come demo. With a break in the weather and a sunny 60˚ day, we all wanted nothing but to get on the local path and ride these new recumbent trikes. For this recumbent blog post, we wanted to focus on the new HP Velotechnik Gekko FX20. A sleek red gloss frame finish and a lovely compact design. Featuring their patented Dual Flat Fold (D.F.F.) system which utilizes two quick realize levers and 20” wheels all around.

One key feature for this folding system and making this one of the most user-friendly folding trikes on the market. Unlike other conventional folding trikes, the Gekko’s (DFF) system allows for all components to remain on the trike. You can keep the seat-mounted, wheels on and accessories firmly clamped when need to transport or put away in storage.

HP states folding the trike takes just up to 10 seconds to complete, and we can vouch for that completely. With a little practice, you can go from riding to the trunk of your car in no time at all. No more expensive trike racks and trailer hitches for consumers. When folded and security strap is in place your Gekko will compact down to an 83 x 52 x 82cm dimension. As well you will find transport wheels on the rear of the seat to allowing to be pulled for transporting. This is a very popular feature that compares with 3 of Catrike’s folding recumbent trikes as well.

Folding design on HP Gekko Fx20 recumbent trike

Comfort on the Gekko was surprising with their breathable mesh seat than you would assume at first glance. The anatomically shaped seat is regulated by adjustable straps on the rear of the seat giving you the ability to shape the seat according to your back shape. HP has put a lot of dedication and engineering into its seat options, consulting with urologists and physicians to design the very best seating posture removing lower back disc pressure and increased comfort for touring rides.

Hp Velotechnik Gekko FX20 recumbent in red

At the top of the seat, you will find the perfect storage solution for riders. A deep zipper pocket gives the perfect spot to place your keys, cell phone or multi-tools while out on a ride. If additional storage is something you need the rear triangle of the trike is designed to hold a touring rack where panniers or other bags can be placed.

The ride of the Gekko was seamless and backed by a 24spd drive train. On this build, there is a 3 ring upfront on the cranks and an 8spd cassette with grip shifts. I enjoy grip shifters over the bar top levers but both options are available upon order. The standard drivetrain out the box is geared toward recreational riding and relaxed touring rides. The wide gear range makes for climbing a breeze and flat road riding comfortable and balanced. Speed is not the name of the game for this trike but a more relaxed enjoyable style of riding for someone first getting into a recumbent bike. If you are someone who can relate while reading this the Gekko is the perfect package all around. This trike brings out ergonomics at its best tailored to you the rider. The frame design offers large stable main beams while the frame cross member that connects to the front wheels is pulled backward toward the seat making getting on and off this recumbent highly user-friendly. Both feet can be firmly planted on the ground before sitting or standing. Your legs will no longer rub against this cross member as seen on other recumbents which can throw off balance especially getting out of the trike. The biggest plus for us besides being designed towards someone new to the recumbent style was the braking package. On a majority of our reviews, the one flaw that we find with stock recumbents out of the box is not coming with hydraulic braking levers. Opting into the Shimano XT package makes all the difference when it comes to braking security over mechanical options. You have quick engaging hydraulic calipers and also cuts down your maintenance on the trike. No more stretching brake lines over time or adjustments needing to be made. A highly recommended option for your recumbent if available out the box.

Shimano twist shifters on HP FX20 Gekko

Additionally, the Gekko comes in various options and styles. Looking for a rear 26” wheel? Maybe the FX26 is one you would be interested in which includes all the great features and options that we have mentioned with a more aerodynamic frame design and seating position. Overall this Gekko FX20 is by far one of the best “new rider” friendly trikes we have explored and out on the market now for 2020. Adjustments can be easily made with quick release handles and folding/transporting makes this trike a top-notch recumbent for consumers. If you are looking for individually tailored seat comfort and cycling with a smile the HP Velotechnik Gekko is the place to start. Contact us for a demo and see for yourself how easily this trike can suit all your cycling needs for 2020.

2020 HP Velotechnik Gekko20 recumbent trike