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Recumbent bikes and trikes have become hugely popular for cyclists. They’re fun, incredibly comfortable, and safe. Get involved in the latest developments of cycling with rapidly advancing recumbent bikes. We’re proud of our ability to satisfy all riders at any level of cycling. New to Recumbents? Or want to learn more? Visit our page here. Top Reasons to Ride Recumbent.

Either way, we carry the perfect recumbent trike to give you a smooth ride.

Our Selection

We offer over 100 recumbent bikes and trikes for any style of riding. We have a range of tadpole, delta, and folding bikes and tries- all of which have guaranteed the lowest online pricing. To satisfy any and all cyclists, we stock everything from entry-level bikes and trikes to high-end models.

In addition, you’ll find an incredible selection of accessories and parts to fulfill your every need. We carry quality brands like ICE trike, Catrike, Terratrike, Greenspeed, HP Belotech, and Trident Trike products.
A teenage boy quickly rides a yellow HASE bike through a forest trail

Delta VS Tadpole

Delta Trikes

Tadpole Trikes

Top Recumbent Brands

Green ICE recumbent trike

ICE Trikes

Inspired Cycle Engineering (ICE) has been producing three wheel adult recumbent trikes / tricycles in Falmouth, England since 1999.
A behind view of a person riding a HP bike along a running track

HP Velotechnik Trikes

HP Velotechnik has been working since 1993 on creating the best range of recumbent bikes, tricycles, and accessories you can buy.
Blue AZUB recumbent trike

AZUB Trikes

The team at AZUB has worked relentlessly since the beginning to prove that Czech engineering and industrial tradition is undefeated.
A black Ice Trike parked in the street at sunset

Racing Trikes

Dominate local cycling races with our premium racing trikes! Crafted with lightweight materials, these recumbent bikes are built for speed.
Two men ride their recumbents through a forest path, both with camping gear strapped to the backs of their bikes

Recreational Trikes

Experience casual and relaxing rides with our recreational recumbent trikes. Perfect for joining cycling clubs, or exploring scenic routes.
couple riding tandem trike by terra trike

Tandem Trikes

Experience the joy of tandem rides with our versatile tandems! These trikes are perfect for accommodating children or individuals with impairments.

Not sure if your recumbent will fit in your small vehicle?

Folding trikes are made just for you. Easy to transport and store, fold up your bike to take on any adventure. With all the accessories and parts we have to offer, all of your cycling dreams can be fulfilled.

Bike-On’s in-house recumbent specialist can customize your bike to satisfy your every need. We want to see you cycling. See our easy monthly financing options. Let us set you up with a recumbent trike specialist to answer any questions you may have. 

With all these options, you can ride anywhere. No destination is off limits. Where will you go?

A man loads a folded recumbent into the back of his silver hatchback, with plenty of room to spare

Building A Better Recumbent Trike Experience

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