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Recumbent bikes and trikes have become hugely popular for cyclists. They’re fun, incredibly comfortable, and safe. Get involved in the latest developments of cycling with rapidly advancing recumbent bikes. We’re proud of our ability to satisfy all riders at any level of cycling. Are you searching for an exercise bike you can ride on the road? Or do you want something that can venture off the beaten path? Either way, we carry the perfect recumbent trike to provide you with a smooth ride.

Bike-On offers over 100 recumbent bikes and trikes for any style of riding. View our selection of tadpole trikes, delta trikes, and folding bikes – all of which have guaranteed the lowest online pricing. Or, visit our shop to choose your best fit. We have over 40 cycles in our showroom from leading manufacturers of recumbent trikes and accessories. Browse ICE Trike, Catrike, Terratrike, Greenspeed, HP Velotech, and Trident Trike products. Our in-house recumbent specialist is readily available to help you find your perfect bike.

Cycling is a great way to meet like-minded people, increase your heart rate, and get outdoors. And today’s advanced recumbent bikes and trikes allow you to start riding with an added layer of safety compared to traditional bikes. Before you choose your new cycle, you should take the time to understand the different types of recumbent trikes. The two main styles – Tadpole trikes and delta trikes – offer different levels of stability, maneuverability, and speed, so it’s important to choose one that fits your personal preferences.

Tadpole trikes

These trikes have two wheels in the front and one in the back. They have low, small, light frame designs. This feature allows for cornering at better speeds with increased stability but are not easy to maneuver in tight spaces. Typically, the tadpole trikes have a lower seating position, and may be more difficult to get in and out of. These are great for sportier riders who are more interested in speed over maneuverability and mobility.

man and women riding tadpole recumbent trikes

Delta Trikes

These trikes feature one wheel in the front and two in the back. They have high seating positions which allow for easier mobility. Delta trikes are more flexible in their steering because of the single front wheel. If you’re looking to maneuver easily in tight spaces and require easy mobility when getting on and off the cycle, delta trikes are for you. To satisfy any and all cyclists, we stock everything from entry-level bikes and trikes to high-end models. In addition, you’ll find an incredible selection of accessories and parts to fulfill your every need.

Racing Trikes

Racers will be especially impressed with our racing bike selection. We are thrilled to be offering the 2020 world’s fastest recumbent racing bike by ICE Trike. This phenomenal trike includes the most advanced features and aerodynamic frame on the market. Compete in your local cycling races or continue your cycling career in only the highest quality racing trikes. Built for speed, the racing recumbent bikes are made with the lightest material in the industry. Browse our entire selection to get ahead of your competitors.

Recreational Trikes

If you’re seeking more casual and relaxing rides, our recreational recumbent trikes are best for you. Join a cycling club, explore scenic places to ride, or simply ride around your neighborhood in recreational trikes. Recreational riding is an up and coming craze. Our selection is perfect for riders who enjoy casual cycling and seek added stability and comfort. You be sure to find an excellent selection of delta and tadpole trikes in our impressive selection of recumbents. 

Tandem Trikes

This is a great way to bond with friends and family. Share your love for recumbent riding with our tandem recumbent trikes and bikes. Great for taking children or impaired people on rides, these tandems provide you with lots of options when riding. One person can relax while the other pedals or you both can work together to tour your favorite scenic routes! View our many tandem trikes that offer features like mesh seats, high seats, and generous weight capacity. We carry a variety of these trikes including the popular Tandem Pro by TerraTrike.

couple riding tandem trike by terra trike

Not sure if your recumbent bike will fit in your small vehicle?

Folding trikes are made just for you. Easy to transport and store, fold up your bike to take on any adventure. With all the accessories and parts we have to offer, all of your cycling dreams can be fulfilled. Bike-On’s in-house recumbent specialist can customize your bike to satisfy your every need. We want to see you cycling. See our easy monthly financing options. Let us set you up with a recumbent trike specialist to answer any questions you may have. With all these options, you can ride anywhere. No destination is off-limits. Where will you go?

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