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three men wearing blue polo shirts with recumbent bikes behind them. chris the general manager/ lead mechanic stands next to dan, ceo and scott is in front of them seated in his wheelchair the founder of bike ont

In 1999, Scott and Lynn Pellett embarked on a journey that would redefine accessibility in the cycling world. From the confines of a closet in their home, Bike-On was born, laying the foundation for a revolution in adaptive biking.

As the years unfolded, Bike-On’s impact grew exponentially. In 2001, Scott’s encounters with handcyclists during the NYC Marathon sparked a desire to connect with other adaptive cyclists. This led to the development of innovative C5 handgrips alongside friends Charlie Croteau and Bob Hicks. Scott started to collaborate with  Andy Barker which further propelled the company forward, pioneering the first Quad-Enabling handcycle in 2004.

Throughout the early 2000s, Scott and his dedicated team traversed the country, attending events to promote adaptive cycling, spreading their passion for adaptive cycles. In 2010, tragedy struck with the untimely passing of Andy Barker, yet his spirit endured in Bike-On’s commitment to perseverance and innovation.

New chapters unfolded with the addition of Chris Coyne, Dan Pellett, and Kyle Printer to the team in the following years. Relocation to larger premises in 2012 and 2015 symbolized Bike-On’s exponential growth, with Chris revolutionizing handgrip technology and Kyle becoming a certified recumbent expert.

In 2021, Scott and Lynn’s departure from the company prompted a shift in leadership, with Dan, Tiffany, and Chris stepping up to steer Bike-On into a new era. Through enhanced management practices and a concerted team effort, Bike-On elevated its standards of excellence.

Today, Bike-On stands as the exclusive US dealer of Maddiline, marking a new chapter in its legacy of innovation and inclusivity. With a growing team, the future holds boundless possibilities for Bike-On and its mission to make cycling accessible to all.

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