Our Social Responsibility

Bike-On's sales manager Kyle oversees a demo day at the Groton Expo, showcasing and explaining the adaptive cycle inventory to onlookers

Community Above All Else

Bike-On was formed with a strong sense of community. The majority of our sales are relationship-based transactions. This means we speak to and become friends with our customers. On a daily basis we are reminded that we belong to the same community, and the fabric of our community is strong!

Seeking to have a strong social position, we are guided by a responsibility to give back. Bike-On’s social contribution to our community comes in a multitude of shapes and sizes.

Giving Support to Those Who Help

It starts at an individual level of guidance and assistance. Over the years we’ve gathered a strong knowledge base on the products we carry, the sports we support, and the organizations that provide local services. We enjoy sharing this information and knowledge with our customers.

Our giving and support also goes to organizations who support disabled sports. We are proud to offer discounted pricing to non-profit organizations throughout the USA and around the world; we call it our ‘Partner Loyalty Discount.’ In addition, we support many of their initiatives through sponsorships of races and other donations.

Veteran Services

Many of the cyclists we work with have a military background. We are proud to have become the go-to establishment for Veterans Administration Hospitals and funding organizations who support our wounded veterans. Our mechanical staff provide support to Independence Fund Rides around our nation. We come away from these events and our association with these great organizations with a real sense of patriotic pride.

Children's Services

Our local contribution is to children. We generously support local funding organizations with additional discounts to amplify their resources, enabling them to help the most children possible. We are proud to partner with these and other foundations who selflessly fund pediatric trikes for local children with disabilities.