At Bike-On, we cater to the needs of cyclists of all ages and abilities with adaptive bikes and trikes. For both adults and children, we stock a wide range of adaptive bicycles and tricycles for any type of cycling. Whether you’re looking for a way to ride solo, or are in the market for a tandem cycle, we have you covered.

We carry nearly 100 models of adaptive bicycles.
Bike-On carries adaptive recreational bikes in a variety of styles, including step-through bikes, city bikes, and fixed-gear bikes – also known as fixies. In addition, we sell adaptive electric bikes and trikes, which allow you to relax while you ride.
Browse our selection to find adaptive bicycles from VanRaam, Freedom Concepts, Buddy Bike, and Biria, as well as accessories, all at the guaranteed lowest price!

Not sure which adaptive bike is best for the type of riding you’re interested in? Call (401)-615-0339 today to speak to our adaptive cyclist expert. They can answer any questions you may have and help get you on the bike that’s right for you.

Van Raam Cycles

Adaptive cycles from Van Raam have become very popular since they landed stateside, and it’s easy to see why. Van Raam produces a wide variety of adaptive bikes and trikes. From traditional tandem bikes like the Twinny to side-by-side tandems like the Fun2Go, and even electric scooter bikes like the Easy Go. No matter what kind of adaptive bicycle you’re looking for, Van Raam has something for you.

tandem bikes

Our inventory consists of all types of adaptive tandem cycles. Many of the models we carry feature a traditional tandem bike design, such as the Van Raam Kivo, with the riders sitting one in front of the other on what looks like an elongated bicycle frame. Other adaptive tandems feature a tricycle design. The Van Raam Fun2Go, for example, has two rear wheels, one driven front wheel, and two side-by-side seats for the riders. And the Van Raam Opair is a tricycle with a wheelchair mounted on the front, allowing cyclists of mixed abilities to ride together

pediatric trikes

The additional stability of a trike for a child can provide a comfortable and enjoyable ride for children and security to parents. Additionally, trikes can boost the self-esteem of a child by encouraging activity, building muscle strength in kids with disabilities. We want to help all children to enjoy the freedom of cycling and work to offer

Although adaptive bikes and trikes might sound like they’re solely intended as bikes for handicapped adults, they’re actually a great way for both disabled and able-bodied people to get into cycling.

Adaptive bicycles refer to a large selection of products, including bicycles and tricycles. Bike-On carries special needs bikes for solo riding, as well as adaptive tandem bikes and trikes. Our inventory consists of adaptive trikes, recreational bikes, and step-through bikes. In addition, we are one of the only U.S. retailers to carry a wide range of adaptive bikes from Denmark-based manufacturer, Van Raam.

In addition to all the various styles of adaptive bikes listed above, we carry a wide range of parts and accessories so you can keep your bike running in top shape.
Call today to talk with a member of our team who can answer any questions about adaptive bikes that you might have.
We want to help as many people as possible join the cycling community. 


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