Sprint X Tour Overview


Is this the ultimate trike package?

When it comes to recumbent trikes there are so many options out on the market. Is there a trike that may be overlooked and brings it all together to the pavement? It may have some of this but can lack all of that. Sure, the price is attractive but is it going to last me for a while?

All common questions come to mind when seeking that perfect all-around recumbent trike. So if you are someone looking to purchase your first trike, or maybe you’re looking for a new trike for this summer, find out why this trike may be the ultimate package you have always been seeking.

Right away the ICE Trike Sprint X Tour is a good-looking trike. The color scheme of Black, Gray, and Red make this trike frame pop with contrast, always catching the eye of any on-looker. Additionally, every element of this frame is optimized and is perfectly engineered to complement each other giving way for superior characteristics found riding any ICE.

The frame is composited with 7005 aluminum and 4130 Chromoly steel tubing. The combination of the two makes up the fundamental way the Sprint X Tour performs, handles, and feels to the rider. Heat-treated 7005 T6 aluminum helps absorb road forces while still providing the rider with maximum power transfer to the rear 26” wheel base.

One unique feature, which can be found mainly on mountain bike rear triangles is the chain-stay protection direct from the factory. This helps to eliminate the damage that can be done to the material and paint from chain slap – which mainly is caused by sudden bumps in the road or any instance where the rear wheel of the bike takes a sudden impact.

With sudden impact, there needs to be a solution for rider comfort. Without diving into the seat right now, ICE utilizes a dual combination of elastomers to absorb any impacts to the rear end of the trike which can be found across any of their RS (rear suspension) models. Elastomers are offered in 3 grades. Soft (80D), medium (90D), and Hard (95D) and can be easily interchanged to the weight and comfort expectations of the cyclists.

Will ICE plan to release an air/coil shock into their frame design?

This has been a question on the mind of us here for a little while now. You find other manufacturers with rear suspension trike utilizing this highly adjustable option. When are we going to see it with ICE?

The drivetrain setup on this particular Sprint X Tour is geared for more hill climbing which we find a lot of here in New England. Standard derailleur setups come with an (11-36T) Shimano Deore cassette paired with a 3 ring (48/36/26) chainring setup upfront. For this particular build, we opted for the SRAM S600 (44/32/22) front crank set up for a lower gear range as mentioned for our hilly New England geography. Having these interchangeable options and many others when putting your order together is just another perfect reason why we find this trike to be such a good value for any recumbent cyclist. Customize exactly toward your riding location and style. Want bigger gears for speed? Maybe you need 152mm short cranks? All possible on the Sprint X Tour and our trike mechanics here at Bike-On!

Now let us talk comfort of the Ergo-Luxe seat. Is there a more comfortable recumbent trike seat on the market? If so we have not found one! Hands down the best in the industry right here. The slight contour design keeps you properly positioned on cornering and the nearly 1.5” thick breathable airflow padding boosts comfort while keeping your back cool during intense riding. Add an Ergo-Mesh headrest into the mix and you could nearly fall asleep in this setup while in your riding position. No Joke!

A few additional features that wrap this trike up as the ultimate trike of the indirect steering. Bringing natural handling to the cyclist, even at high speeds handling remains in control with tight performance, reaction, and stability as the frame geometry of the Sprint X Tour keeps your center of gravity even from body roll.

All these features are wrapped up by their C.F.T folding technology. Centered around a lightweight heat-treated aluminum hinge and quick release lever for easy folding in less than 30 seconds! As the frame folds to the rear triangle of the trike pivots to a flat fitment between the front wheels.

Need a little more room?

If you have the disc brake version, add some quick-release wheel axles to remove and set aside the front wheels making additional room for storage and transportation slimming down the overall width.

So is there a trike that brings it all together in the ultimate on-road package? Look no further than the Sprint X 26 RS Tour. Combining the best comfort on the market in our option while no lack in performance. Find everything just about every trike enthusiast is looking for. ICE struck it all with this model with tons of options available to upgrade down the line, even down to going electrical assist with Shimano STEPS. Take a look at these quick purchase Sprint X Tour options and please connect with us to work with our recumbent specialists for customizable builds, additional questions, and features ICE Trikes has to offer.

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