Unveiling Eden’s Story: Bike-On’s Customer Connections Series

Girl smiling, sitting on a handcycle surrounded by trees


In a world that often highlights adversities, there’s something deeply inspiring about witnessing individuals accomplish challenges that once seemed impossible. Here at Bike-On, we are proud to introduce the first installment of our ‘Customer Connections’ series, featuring Eden Schroeder, a very deserving winner of our 2023 Instagram Anniversary Giveaway. Now live on our YouTube channel.

The video showcases Eden’s remarkable story, one of resilience, and determination. Eden, now a C5/C6 quadriplegic following a life-altering spinal cord injury, shares her transformative journey as an athlete. Her passion for handcycling has only just begun thanks to the help of her new Maddiline Crosswind handcycle, a milestone that marks her new chapter in the world of adaptive sports.

Maddiline handcycles are custom made for each customer so that the bike is fit for their needs and abilities. Eden’s bike is no exception and has other custom features that truly make it unique. This bike has special quad grips that provide a comfortable yet secure grip for her hands, the chin power assist that augments her pedaling power, elbow braking that allows her to maintain control with ease during rides, and a harness for extra security and comfort. Every feature & detail has been meticulously tailored to enhance her riding experience. You can find more details about her bike through our Instagram posts that highlight these features and much more

Eden’s journey would not be the same without the help of her rehabilitation program at Shepherd’s Center and her physical therapist, Heather. Eden and Heather continue to work on building Eden’s strength and independence while experiencing real world challenges and everyday things. Heather shows her how life is still possible after Eden’s injury and that there isn’t anything there to hold her back from experiencing life.

So, whether you’re an athlete, a supporter of adaptive sports, or simply someone looking for a feel good moment on a not-so-great day, don’t miss out on the launch of our new series, starting with Eden’s incredible journey!