Race will take place rain, snow, sleet or shine… In the event of severe weather such as thunderstorm, lightening, blizzard, hail, we will postpone the race until conditions improve. Seek shelter if severe weather occurs before, during or after the event. If severe weather causes the event to be cancelled, we will not be able to postpone this event to a later date. Determination and definition of adverse, inclement, or severe weather conditions will solely belong to the discretion of the Race Director.

This is NOT a closed course race. This race is open to vehicle traffic. Obey All traffic laws. You must follow the Michigan Vehicle code. Cycling road rules apply. You must STOP at all stop signs, always yield to the right-away. Do NOT cross the center-line of the road. Ride No more than 2 abreast. Violators will be disqualified.

COVID-19 protocols will be in place. See cedarblitz.com for updates.

Minimum 10 racers per category. Race categories that do not meet minimum amount of racers may be combined with another category at the race directors discretion.

ANSI/Snell approved bicycle helmets are required. No earbuds allowed. Your bike must be in good working condition.

Time limit of 3 hours for 18, 36, and 50 mile racers and 8 hours for 100 mile racers. It will be implemented and at the discretion of the race marshals and Race director.


FOR 100 MILE RACERS ONLY: The 100 mile race will be self supported. The Cedar Blitz is not responsible for sag support. You will need to find your own ride if you quit or cannot continue the race. In an emergency call 911. If you quit or cannot finish, text the number on the back of the number plate with your bib # and let us know. Bike computer is mandatory with the GPS file downloaded so you can navigate the course. Most of the course will be unmarked. You are responsible to navigate using GPS file. GPS file will be available for download on the website. Their will be no course marshals to guide you or support you. You must obey all traffic laws. There are no aid stations on this course. You are responsible for your own food and hydration.