My name is Scott Pellett.  I founded Bike-On in the spring of 1999.

I had been a handcyclist for several years by then and came from a background of sports, fitness and a love for business.  I was injured in 1971 in a teenage escapade gone wrong.  Fortunately I was blessed with just the right amount of naive optimism and a quest for life’s adventure - equal doses of Walter Mitty and Forrest Gump.

My wife Lynn and I founded and sold several businesses in the fitness industry in the 1980’s.  After starting a family in the 1990’s, we resumed a 9-to-5 routine working for others, but we always had a desire to get back in the game. 

When Al Gore created the internet, we said “thanks Al, this is great!” 

Some internet companies start out on the fast track, with venture capital, angel investors, big offices, fat cat salaries, planes, the works.  Others start in garages. We started Bike-On in a closet on a Gateway computer.  We wanted to be in the loop; we thought it would be cool to have a part time niche internet business.

We began selling handcycles to friends in Rhode Island, then to some regional non-profit organizations.  Soon enough though, we were contacted by a man in Israel who wanted to buy a handcycle from us.  Suddenly we thought, wow this is serious! 

Within a few years I left my job in corporate finance to work from home on this venture.  Lynn followed a few years later.  During that time I met Andy Barker.  Andy “the tool man” was a real find.  Andy bartered a handcycle he built for a set of Zipp wheels.  We became fast friends, and Andy helped build our presence in the handcycling world.  Sadly Andy passed away in 2010, but he left a real mark with us and with the handcycling community at large.

Over the years we have attracted the best sales representatives and mechanics in the industry.  To a person, our staff represents the highest level of product-based knowledge, real life experience and caring attitudes.  We go the extra mile for our customers and strive to be a leader in our market.

Bike-On is now poised to grow while serving our customers to the fullest extent possible.  We have a full showroom displaying most of the products we sell.  Though not a retail store, we do enjoy meeting customers here for one-on-one appointments, many of whom travel hundreds of miles to spend some time with us and make crucial trials and comparisons. 

Our sincere thanks go out to our loyal customers for standing by us, and we welcome new friends along the way. Roll with us through life and sport!