Continental GP Force Comp



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Continental GP Force Comp (700x24mm)

Attack on the bike: much aero, low weight. Front and rear tire with their different sizes are specifically developed for each other and match ideally.

This rear 24mm tire offers a large contact area for improved power transmission and low rolling resistance. It offers a high level of comfort due to the wider casing and greater service mileage. Hand sewed in Korbach, the tire also features a Black Chili compound and Vectran Breaker anti-puncture technology.

Key Features:

  • Black Chili compound for enhanced grip and low rolling resistance
  • High level of grip in any weather conditions
  • 24mm rear wheel with good puncture protection
  • Vectran anti-puncture breaker
  • Folding bead
  • 115-170psi
  • 465g weight
  • Made in Germany
  • Sold Individually


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