Freedom Trax


Take yourself to new areas never capable in your everyday wheelchair.


Freedom Trax All Terrain Electric Wheelchair


If you feel restricted by where you can and can’t go, Freedom Trax is the solution. Freedom Trax was engineered to offer unparalleled accessibility, range, and maneuverability.

Freedom Trax is the only motorized wheelchair track attachment designed to transform a manual wheelchair into an off-road vehicle that can traverse sand, snow, gravel, and mud. Its unique design allows for a lightweight, versatile, and rugged machine that will still fit in the trunk of a car. Freedom Trax is a cost-effective solution for portable and convenient off-road mobility.

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The FT Pro Pack takes FT1 to the next level. Equipped with a more powerful battery, this model will extend your travel range substantially and clear for airline travel. It can be mounted and dismounted without assistance and comes with a 24V Lithium-Ion battery, two 24V motors, a handheld joystick, and a charger. It is adjustable for wheel widths between 17”-26” so you can modify as often as you update a wheelchair.

Freedom Trax FT Pro Pack




Weight 70-103 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 24 × 12 in
Weight Capacity 250 lbs
Operating Range Approximately 5 miles
Anti-tip Wheels 6 inches
Battery Lithium-Ion 24 Volt
Controller Handheld Joystick


John Squires our Quad Elite and Freedom Trax Expert use are this unit for the beach and so much more! See all the capabilities of Freedom Trax! Go Anywhere, Do Anything!

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Battery Options

PRO Battery(10mi Range)

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Blue, Black


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