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Get more out of your pedaling with Lepus Folding Delta Trike and Shimano STEPS.

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Hase Bikes LEPUS STEPS Delta Trike

Advantage: LEPUS STEPS, the comfort trike that keeps you on top

The LEPUS STEPS with an e-motor is a safe, fun, and comfortable recumbent trike for recreation, errands, and staying active.

Looking for an e-bike with three wheels? You found it!

Why does a well-trained athlete ride a trike? Because she wants to. And because the LEPUS is not your run-of-the-mill upright trike, but instead a comfort-class recumbent. The fact is that the LEPUS is also ideal for anyone who refuses to let balance problems or reduced muscle strength slow them down.

With its seat positioned between the rear wheels, the LEPUS provides exceptional stability, even when cornering at a sporty tempo. The independent rear-wheel suspension with air shocks offers not only comfort but also more safety on bumpy roads and paths.

Another luxury is the quiet Shimano Steps motor, which helps out on an as-needed basis. “As-needed” means that it only provides assistance when you want it to and when the pedals are in motion. Once you’ve reached 15 mph (25 km/h), it switches off automatically.

Mounting made easy

The LEPUS scores point with its high seat: up to 25 inches (63 cm). This lets you pedal comfortably downwards – and ensures that you will “see and be seen” in traffic. In terms of mounting and dismounting, the trike is almost like a normal chair: just lower yourself onto the seat from the side and lift one leg over the low frame. You’ll be looking as sporty as you do on the court.

Bag and rolling handbasket for this and that

The accessory behind the recumbent seat is the waterproof ROLLER BAG. With a volume of 100 liters, you may have to fish around a while to find your tennis balls. Where does the ROLLER BAG hang? On the ROLLER RACK of course! This multi-talented carrier can transport up to 33 lb (15 kg) – e.g. beverage crates, potting soil, you name it. The bag-rack combo is also full of surprises: with two wheels and a fold-out handle, it can double as a handy, rolling shopping basket!

The LEPUS itself is also easy to pack and transport: for example, in a compact car. Just fold it up – no tools required!


Technical Specifications

  • Foldable
  • Matte Karmin Red Color Frame
  • Rear Suspension
  • Seat Height (25″)
  • Shimano STEPS Pedelec Motor 6100, battery & Charger included in pricing
  • 16″ Fork
  • Hase EVO Rear-wheel Suspension
  • 8-Speed Alfine Di2 Gear Hub
  • Differential
  • 7005 Aluminum Frame/Fork
  • Stainless Steel Sapim Spokes
  • Aluminum double-walled rims
  • Schwalbe Marathon Tires(Rear) Schwalbe Big Apple (Front)
  • Coupled Brakes
  • SKS Fenders
  • Crankset 170mm (44T)
  • Quick-Adjust Frame
  • Lighting System operated by motor battery
  • Headlight: B&M IQ-X
  • Rear Light: B&M Toplight 2C Plus
  • Shimano STEPS 6100, 36v 14.5ah, 503Wh Battery and 2v Charger

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