HP Velotechnik Gekko 26


HP Gekko 26 US Edition

The Gekko 26 brings affordability to riders who are on a budget or new starting out. The non-foldable frame brings cheaper costs to the consumer while still holding all the same features and frame geometry as the Gekko FX26. Find comfort, affordable pricing, and customization options with this recumbent trike from HP Velotechnik.

HP Makes it easy with their pre-built configurations tailored perfectly to the beginning rider.

If you are looking to customize your trike please check out the Gekko Fx26 and our expert staff can work with you one-on-one to get the perfect build for your riding needs and lifestyle!



The Ultimate Affordable Adults Starter Trike

Are you looking for an attractive recumbent trike – without becoming too immersed in all the technical details of the tricycle world? Then the Gekko 26 is a perfect choice: clear lines, raised seating position, no compromises in equipment and easy to buy. And all this at a tempting price!

With the Gekko 26, our engineers have fundamentally rethought the tricycle philosophy of HP Velotechnik. The aim was not only to achieve a higher seating position on an affordable laid-back adults trike. Above all, our engineers wanted to implement the typical, sporty and precise driving dynamics of our Tadpole trikes with the two steered front wheels in a very price-sensitive environment. In other words: A great trike also for those who have to work on a tighter budget.

Two essential features are the main reasons why the frame construction of HP Velotechnik’s trikes is very labor-intensive: First and foremost the driving characteristics, which are achieved above all by the ingenious geometry of the front wheel steering and which have a decisive influence on the driving experience. We will not change that! Thus, the Gekko 26 does without our second design refinement: the patented folding technology In one respect, this even gives you an advantage: the strong frame can carry up to 150 kg (331 lbs), which is more payload than the foldable models.

You can configure the drive train, the brake system, and other technical components in several hundred thousand variants for almost all other two- and three-wheelers that are custom-made for you in our factory in Kriftel, Germany. The options list for the Gekko 26 is short and convincing.


Sport Series, Comfort Series

Frame Color

Lime Green, Deep Blue


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