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ICE Adventure

The Adventure trike has many different options that allow for the ultimate customized riding experience. Please fill out the form below to get in touch with one of our experts. Together we can determine the perfect configuration for you.


Enjoy the relaxed pace of recumbent riding on the beautifully designed ICE Adventure. With its high and accessible seating position, rugged looks, and ride capabilities, the Adventure is primed to cruise the open road, discover hidden trails, and explore new horizons.

All trikes in the ICE Adventure range are built on an optimised ICE frame featuring Compact Flat Twist Fold, No Brake Steer, Rider Positioning System, and wide-range gearing. ICE’s heritage of innovation and development combine to produce a trike that is beautifully engineered, rides like a dream, and offers practical features for everyday use.

The ICE Adventure features our improved handlebar design which allows for a wider, roomier cockpit, an easy access swept cruciform, an Ergo-Luxe seat for the ultimate in comfort and an updated handlebar clamping system with super secure indexed clamps ensuring easy alignment when unfolding and solid handlebar positioning.

Seating Options
The ICE Adventure is available with three different seat options:

The Ergo-Luxe seat is the most comfortable trike seat on the market and the most comfortable you will ever sit on. Beautifully designed to provide the ultimate level of comfort and back support. Breathable fabrics maximise airflow, the tension in the back can be easily adjusted. The Ergo-luxe Short Back seat is also available. This seat has all the features of the standard Ergo-Luxe seat but it has a 2″ (50mm approx), shorter back than the standard Ergo-Luxe seat.

The Ergo-Flow seat has been designed to provide optimum back support, it is lightweight and breathable which is ideal for warmer climates. Breathable fabrics maximise airflow and cooling. Cushioning in the base and side bolsters further enhances riding comfort. All seats feature a handy top weather-sealed pocket for storing small items such as keys and phones.

Ergo-Luxe and Ergo-Flow seating options
C.F.T Fold
The ICE Compact Flat Twist fold is one of the many innovations that ICE has brought to the recumbent world. The fold is based around a lightweight heat-treated aluminium hinge on the main frame. All ICE trikes (except the VTX) can be folded for transporting in a car and for storing your trike.

Simply remove the seat, fold the handlebars flat, and undo the quick release lever to fold the frame. As the frame folds, the rear wheel pivots to fit flat between the front wheels. The C.F.T fold allows the trike to be folded in under 30 seconds and works with ICE accessories. You can even fold the trike with our Shimano STEPS motor system fitted.

Ice Adventure folding capabilities
Shimano Steps E-Assist
The ICE Adventure is available with or without electric assist. Shimano STEPS is available in two E-Assist motor systems:

The EP8 system uses a powerful 250w electric motor, custom-designed ICE specific forged motor housing, 85Nm torque, 630Wh battery, custom display mount and Bluetooth connectivity. The EP8 system is more powerful, lighter in weight and is more user-controllable than the E6100 system.

The E6100 system uses a powerful 250w electric motor, 60Nm torque, 504Wh battery and Bluetooth connectivity. Great for general trike riding as it is the most cost-effective E-Assist system from ICE.

Shimano Steps E-Assist
Wide Handlebars
The Adventure features our improved design handlebars which allow for a wide roomier cockpit. This gives the rider more room while cycling, steering and turning the trike. Shown here in grey as a comparison with the previous Adventure model handlebars.

Wide Handlebars
Secure Indexed Handlebar Clamps
The Adventure models feature an improved handlebar clamping system with super secure indexed clamps to ensure the handlebars easily remain fixed in position at all times and return to your preferred position after folding the trike.

Improved handlebar clamping system
All ICE trikes are available with a wide range of options to fit the trike to you and your body. From seat brackets to adjust the leg length and seat height to the Helping Handles to assist you in and out of the seat, your ICE trike will be the perfect fit for you.

Automatic Gear Shifting
The optional Enviolo Automatiq hub offers truly stepless fully automatic gear shifting. Forget gears! Simply pedal and go. Set your preferred pedalling speed once and the hub will constantly adjust its internal gear ratio to maintain a steady smooth cadence regardless of the speed or riding conditions you encounter. If you ride uphill it will adjust to a lower gear ratio and if you ride downhill it will do the opposite. It’s very clever! Available on Shimano STEPS EP8 26″ and 20″ rear wheel trike models.

Automatic gear shifting


  • Brakes

    Sturmey Archer 90mm drum brakes

  • Speeds

    Options from 30 speeds to fully automatic shifting

  • Wheels

    20 in rear or 26 in rear wheel

  • Seat Depth


Frame & Geometry

  • Total Length

    65″ – 83.9″

  • Total Width

    31.5″ – 32.5″

  • Total Height

    29.5″ – 31.5″

  • Total Weight

    from 36.2lbs

  • Weight Limit


  • Wheel Base

    37.8″ – 44.3″

  • Wheel Track


  • Seat Angle

    38-51 degrees

  • Seat Height

    13.5″ * Seat height varies with trike specification

  • Seat Width


  • Ground Clearance


  • Turning Circle

    15’7″ – 17’1″

  • Rider X-Seam Range

    37″ – 48″

  • Front Travel

    1.5″ (optional)

  • Rear Travel

    4″ (optional)

  • Folded Height

    22.1″ – 29.5″

  • Folded Width

    31.5″ – 32.5″

Standard Features

  • Compact flat twist folding frame with swept cruciform for easy access
  • Available with powerful Shimano Steps E-Assist
  • Large Wheel for low rolling resistance & higher speeds
  • Compact Size & Low Gears, strong & great for loaded touring
  • Rigid rear triangle for maximum power transfer
  • Rear suspension

Included Accessories

  • Three different seating options available



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