Motion Composites APEX A

Motion Composites APEX A


Aluminum rigid wheelchair

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Product Description

Motion Composites APEX Aluminum Wheelchair


The bold design and innovative approach behind the APEX Aluminum have redefined perceptions of rigid wheelchairs. The triple-butted aluminum and strategic touch of carbon fiber strike a perfect balance making this chair an example of modernity and lightness.
The APEX A combines the advantages of triple-butted aluminum with those of carbon fiber for unbeatable strength and lightness. The result is a wheelchair that is easy to handle and transport with ease of propulsion that makes it easier to get where you want to go.


APEX Aluminum is an easily maneuverable rigid wheelchair that offers safe and high-performance handling. The unique rigidizing bar maximizes stability while preserving reactivity. This rigidity reduces lateral movement and offers optimal propulsion for greater mobility.
The APEX Aluminum wheelchair offers a wide range of settings for a completely customized experience. Fully modular, the back angle, seat-to-floor height, and rear-wheel positions can all be adjusted for your comfort. Laser-etched markings make it easier to adjust key components and specify exact positioning. Simple. Quick. Adaptive.

Technical Specifications

  • Frame: Rigid
  • Material: Triple-Butted Aluminum
  • Transport Weight: 10.5 lb | 4.8 kg (16 x16 without rear wheels, wheel locks, armrests, cushion, and anti-tippers). Lightest configuration: 18 lb | 8.2 kg without wheel locks and wheels)
  • Weight Limit: 265 lb | 120 kg

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