catrike easy trike rack by terracycle

Terracycle Easy Trike Rack


This rack features a quick-release that can be easily removed for travel and transport. Ride with just one side of the rack for short rides or commuting. Ride with both sides for longer rides, touring, or even grocery shopping. Easy to install and remove and transfer from trike to trike.

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Product Description

Terracycle Easy Trike Rack (One side)

Product Details

  • This rack is ideal for Catikes with suspension, but can also be used on Catrikes without suspension. This rack clamps onto a sideways tube on the back of a trike seat, keeping the cargo weight of your panniers low and central, forward of the suspension element on suspension trikes. This preserves the go-cart-like handling that we all love about trikes.
  • Conventional racks are designed for conventional bikes and can hamper the handling of a trike, creating a wobbling sensation of the rear end.
  • It’s high time that someone engineered a rack to suit the low center of gravity that makes trikes so fun to ride.

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