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Enjoy extremes with maximum comfort


Full suspension combined with 26″ wheels. That’s what makes our Ti-FLY X a unique machine calling for long rides that will soon become extreme. And it doesn’t really matter what you call extreme – it may be the distance cycled on a paved road, the roughness of terrain or the amount of endorphin that you produce during the ride. You can say from the first look that Ti FLY X is a special vehicle. It unites in itself all our innovative designs, our passion for traveling and love for off-road fun. Basically, it’s a synonym for extreme cycling in all its forms.


Enjoy extremes with maximum comfort

Designing the “X” was a real hoot for us. We have added some cutting-edge options to the already well-known innovations that include the Syntace wide rear hub with solid axle and revolutionary titanium front suspension. Ti-FLY X can now be equipped with wide 26×3″ plus-size tires, modern 1×12 SRAM Eagle shifting with 10-50 teeth cassette and optionally with the exceptional, high-performing Shimano Steps E8000 drive.

We define a new category

Ti-FLY X is so much different from any other trike that it simply defines a new category for itself. It’s a real SUV among trikes. It’s much more agile than clumsy fat trikes. Both the front suspension and rear shock offer a great amount of travel. The trike boasts great ride quality on tarmac as well as on rough terrain and is ready for various adjustments. Three 26″ wheels provide for a higher seat position and great riding ability through difficult sections of your route. Ti-FLY X offers an exceptional view on the road and extreme fun in rough terrain. We would also choose this trike for a long expedition throughout the continents.

The pros and cons of 3×26″

The benefits of three 26 wheels are perhaps known to most of you. A larger diameter means less resistance when rolling and thus higher speed on flat ground, the bigger wheels roll over obstacles easier and you are much more likely to buy good-quality tires and inner tubes for them. As a matter of fact, you sport all wheels with the same diameter, which means you don’t need to carry two spare tubes of different sizes and you’ll also do with one spare tire if needed. And curiously, some people find three wheels of the same size more appealing. Sometimes rather uncritically.

Nevertheless, there are some drawbacks as well. Ti-FLY X is simply a big trike that is also wider compared to its smaller siblings because it’s equipped with 135 mm fat bike hubs in the front. It requires a big enough space for storing and can by no means fold into our trailer designed for hauling TRIcon and Ti-FLY. It is foldable anyway and the final bundle looks surprisingly small. It’s thanks to our “F2F-U” system that is used on Ti-FLY X as well. Last but not least, the sitting position on the “X” is higher than on the smaller Ti-FLY 20 or 26. Hence you get a better view but also worse stability. You’ll need to lean well to a side when riding quickly through a curve. If you go at full throttle in rough terrain, you’ll certainly get a wild euphoric ride but don’t forget to hold on tight at any moment.

  • Bottom Bracket

    485 mm – 555 mm

Frame & Geometry

  • Total Length

    2080 mm

  • Total Width

    910 mm

  • Total Height

    900 mm – 1200 mm

  • Weight Limit

    110 kg

  • Wheel Base

    1330 mm

  • Wheel Track

    755 mm

  • Seat Angle

    34 – 52 degrees

  • Seat Height

    Bottom Seat Height – 390 mm – 430 mm

  • Ground Clearance

    185 mm (2,35″ tyres)

  • Folded Height

    Half-Folded – 700 mm

  • Folded Width

    Half-Folded – 910 mm (650 mm without front wheels and mudguards)

  • Other

    Max Tyre Width – 76 mm (3″) | Extreme Folding – 840 x 720 x 350 mm

Standard Features

  • Ergonomic seat
  • Ergonomics vs. control
  • F2F U – Fold to flat ultra
  • Folding handlebars
  • Folding mechanism
  • Interchangeable dropouts
  • IPS – Ideal Position System
  • Smooth adjustment of the seat
  • Syntace X-12 through axle



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