Top End Pro Basketball



Still dialing in your game? The Top End Pro Basketball Wheelchair delivers custom-built performance with adjustments that take only minutes and gets you on the court faster.

Please contact our customer service for ordering. A sports wheelchair specialist will work over the order form with you to ensure the best fitment for your game!




Invacare Top End Pro Basketball Wheelchair

You’re into the game – getting your shot down – always working on your moves…meet your basketball chair!

The Top End Pro Basketball Wheelchair is designed for aspiring athletes who want durability and quick, easy adjustments, all at a great price. Adjustments are designed for ease in the Pro Basketball Wheelchair. So easy to order, you only need to measure seat width and depth, select a wheelbase and wheel size using our handy guides plus pick a color. Now that is easy. The Pro Basketball Wheelchair is available in both a tall and short frame to accommodate any aspiring athlete. This chair also features a fully welded aluminum base frame with fixed camber, which gives it the same stiffness and durability as our elite Top End Schulte 7000 Series Basketball Wheelchair.

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• Custom aluminum frame

• Offensive 4 bend the wing

• Adjustable front and rear seat heights

• Adjustable height, single anti-tip

• Fixed back

• Adjustable back height

• Adjustable tension back upholstery

• Adjustable center-of-gravity

• Rear seat height adjustment range is 6″ and the frame is available in a tall or short variety to accommodate every aspiring athlete

• Fixed camber: 15º, 18º or 20º

• High-performance Sun® wheels

• Anodized push rims

• High-pressure clincher tires

• Smart fork caster system

• 72mm casters

• Adjustable platform footrest with toe and heel stops

• Powder coat paint 250 lb. weight capacity

• Quick release lever allows the player to change his or her rear seat height in just minutes

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• Clamp-on fixed aluminum side guards

• Spinergy® SLX wheels

• 12 tab push rims

• Kenda® tires

• O-Ring positioning belt

• Close mount/cut push rim tab

• Click straps

• Spoke guards

• Frame protectors

• Alignment gauge

• Adjustable height, double anti-tip

• Cushion: soft or hard

• Folding back

• Durable leather back upholstery upgrade




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