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Tufo Elite Pulse Tubular handcycle tires

Tufo Elite Pulse Tubular


Sold Individually 


Tufo Elite Pulse Tubular Tires

The top of the line model for a wide range of uses

Featuring an ideal round tread profile and smooth tread-sidewall transition, this model has minimal aerodynamic head-on resistance. Fine tread pattern together with specially formulated tread compound provide excellent adhesion on wet or dry pavement and low rolling resistance.

Product Details:

  • Elite Pulse, Elite Pulse 25
  • 28″ (700mm)
  • SPC Silica Tread Compound
  • Puncture Proof PLY
  • Protective Rubber PLY
  • 210/375 TPI Count
  • Black Color Compound
  • 230-280g


Frame & Geometry



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Elite Pulse (700c x 22mm), Elite Pulse 25 (700c x 22mm)

Tufo Elite Pulse Tubular