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Van Raam cycles can be highly customized to your lifestyle and liking. Please contact us and our highly trained Van Raam expert will work with you on customization options, additional questions, placing orders, or in-house demo rides.

Below our U.S. order form can be viewed or downloaded so you can explore all the options Van Raam has to offer and configure your bike with our team.

Van Raam Chat Rickshaw Bike

The Chat by Van Raam is the premium transport bike on the market today. As the most recent adaptive cycle released by Van Raam, the Chat offers a comfortable experience for both passengers as well as the cyclist. Backed by a 36v silent electric motor controlled at the handlebars or even by the Van Raam smartphone app. Passengers surely stay comfortable on a foam cushion and backrest, as well as the independent spring suspension on the front wheels.

Shade your passengers as well with the adjustable canopy during warmer summer days, or utilize on days of light rain during transport.

The Chat rickshaw bike comes standard with our electric pedal support, which can be used to cycle backward, among other things. Because the electric pedal support is standard, you get access to our Van Raam E-Bike App. This App is free and can be used as a luxury cycling computer for Van Raam bicycles with pedal assistance.

Besides the fact that this rickshaw bicycle offers a solution for the elderly, the Chat is also suitable for people who want to go on a guided tour, but also for care institutions, families, and city ride shares.

Additional standard features such as lap belts ensure keeping elderly passengers safe during travel and feeling secure to the seat. The behind-seat storage is perfect for passenger belongings or storing blankets for your passengers during cooler nights.

USA Package Preselects

  • USA-1F Includes:
    • Safety Bell, Front + Rear Lighting system, Rear wheel lock with key, Matte Red Frame, 8 Speed derailleur with hydraulic disc brakes, standard frame size, pedal-assist silent electric engine HT, Li-ion battery (36v 11.2Ah), passenger canopy.

Technical Specifications:

  • Inside Leg Length (Adjustable): 80-95cm
  • Frame Size (Adjustable): 52cm
  • Boarding Height Back: 45cm
  • Total Weight: 213lbs
  • Max Cycling Length: 232cm
  • Max Cycling Width: 111cm
  • Wheel Size Front: 20″
  • Wheel Size Back: 26″
  • Brakes (front): Hydraulic Brakes
  • Brakes (rear): V BRakes
  • Standard Color: Red – US Verison
  • Max. User Weight Driver: 264.5lbs
  • Max Passenger Weight: 440lbs
  • Interested in taking a test ride and view the Chat in person? We have demo Chats available in New England, Florida, and Colorado. See how the Chat can fit into your organization or facility.

us map of Van Raam Chat Demo Locations


View the full demonstration of the Van Raam Chat here!

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