Top Reason to Ride a Recumbent Trike

Top Reasons To Ride a Recumbent First, let’s start at the basics. What is a recumbent trike? You have probably seen a cyclist on the rail trails or roads on this super comfy looking, laid back, three-wheeled leg driven cycle. You guess it! That’s a recumbent trike. They can come in 2 different styles and […]


Its time to start back up the recumbent review posts. We are going to try and review a new recumbent at least once a month for everyone with honest opinions , awesome photos of the bike of course and all you’ll need to know about the product to have a better understanding if you are […]

Is the 2020 HP Velotechnik Gekko the best value for a new recumbent rider?

Hp Velotechnik Gekko FX20 recumbent in red

HP Velotechnik Gekko FX 20 Riders Review As spring slowly makes way to push out winter here in Rhode Island, here at Bike-on we have been eager to get back to cycling and test out our new 2020 floor models that have been built over the offseason and just waiting for customers to come demo. […]