Greenspeed Gt20 Recumbent trike in red frame color

Greenspeed GT20


GT20 Recumbent Trike 

A lightweight and foldable frame is featured in this carefully engineered lean machine. This recumbent trike includes an efficient drive train, low rolling resistance tires, and exceptional performance as this new recumbent trike gives a new meaning to joy ride, commuting, exercising, touring, and plain old having fun!


Folding Frame

The GT20 is a completely new frame design from Greenspeed. We are using the rectangular cross-section main tube as used on the Anura, which both stronger and lighter than the round tube used on the Magnum. And to make further gains is strength and weight we have eliminated the welds in the main tube and the cross member, by making the front main tube in one piece, and cross member also in one piece, and curved so that it comes closer to the seat to enable the rider to mount and dismount easier. The frame material is 7005 aluminum alloy, which is stronger than the more commonly used 6061 aluminum alloy and stronger than mild steel, yet only 1/3 the weight. The seat is the same material, but standard size, instead of the large seat used on the Magnum, thus it is lighter and has lighter and simple struts for angle adjustment, yet the same Q/R adjustment at the front for height adjustment. The frame is hinged like the earlier GT3, and the Magnum, so that rear half can be folded over the front half to reduce the size enough to fit in the trunk of a car. The rectangular main tube also makes it easier to adjust the trike for leg length, as the cranks are now self-aligning, plus the cranks will no twist in the frame if the pinch bolts or Q/R for leg length adjustment have not been done up really tight. We have also welded a boss to the frame to take the fixed idler for the optional Chain Gobbler, which automatically adjusts the chain length, as the cranks are moved in and out, to suit riders with different leg lengths. Yet another feature of the GT20 frame, is the ability to change frame sizes. The standard frame will take riders with an X-seam from 41 to 51 inches, or from about 5’ 3” to about 6’ 5” in height. However, as the boom clamp is an external clamp, rather than part of the frame, the main tube can be shortened as much as 6” to allow riders with an X-seam as small as 35 inches or about 4’ 6” in height. The GT20 is designed as a light touring trike. Thus it is ideal for light touring, commuting, and recreational riding. With an overall width of just 31,” it is narrower than the Magnum and able to fit through standard doorways. Because of the versatile adjustments in the seat, the leg length, and the handlebars, it is also very adaptable for people with special needs. It is also ideal for lighter people, as at a 250 lbs rider weight limit, it is not overbuilt and heavy. The optional rack is made to carry 66lbs, and there are lighter accessory post mounts for mounting mirrors, cycle computers, etc., plus a built-in light mount, which will accept a mount for handlebar type lights. Plus, grab handles are available to aid in getting in and out. There is also a new and lighter headrest for the GT20, which is easier to fit than the earlier GT3 and Magnum headrests. It clamps to the seat cross brace, so there is no need to remove the seat tube plugs.


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  • Frame: Aluminium Alloy 7005 Folding
  • Width: 31″
  • Length: 76”
  • Height: 27″
  • Seat Height: 12 to 17”
  • Seat Angle: 30 to 48˚
  • Crank Height: 13 to 14”
  • X-Seam Range: (34) 41 to 51”
  • Ground Clearance: 6″
  • Turning Radius: 12′
  • Wheelbase: 39”
  • Wheels: 20” Alloy rims with Stainless Steel Spokes
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  • Tires: GreenSpeed Slicks, 20 x 1.5″
  • Gears: 24
  • Cranks: Shun 56/42/28 x 165 mm
  • Cassette: 8 speed 11/34
  • Derailleur: microSHIFT \ Shimano
  • Chain: YBN S8
  • Shifters: Shimano Ultegra Bar End 8 speed
  • Gear Range: 16 to 108”
  • Brakes: Sturmey Archer 90mm Drums
  • Weight Limit: 250 lbs
  • Trike Weight: 37lbs
  • Standard Equipment: Rear Mudguard, Safety Flag

Frame & Geometry



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