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The GT26 is a new Greenspeed trike that is exceptionally easy to ride. Introduced in 2017 the GT26 builds upon the GT20 and introduces it with a 26″ rear wheel.

A lightweight and foldable frame is featured in this carefully engineered lean machine. This recumbent trike includes an efficient drive train, low rolling resistance tires, and exceptional performance as this new recumbent trike gives a new meaning to joy ride, commuting, exercising, touring, and plain old having fun!


Greater Stability 26″ Bigger Wheels

Normally trikes with large rear wheels are unstable due to problems with rear-wheel flex and rear end instability. Thus we made special GS rear hubs with a much wider flange spacing than normal, which has resulted in a 26” wheel with more lateral stiffness than a 20” wheel. Plus we have increased the section size of the rear forks. Thus with the longer wheelbase, the GT26 is even more stable at high speed than the GT20. For people who want even larger wheels than 26”, the GT26 frame has been built to accept a 700c rear wheel, and the larger 20 inches 451 BSD rims may be used on the front. Thus the special GreenSpeed wide rear hubs and special front hubs are available for people who may want to build up to two wheels sets – one for road use and one for off-road use. In fact, we have left enough room in the rear forks to fit the Schwalbe Big Apple tires if need be.

Virtual Suspension for Comfort

The major reason for most people buying a recumbent is for more comfort that you get on the small saddle of an ordinary bike. A number of trikes are now offering mechanical suspension, but this inevitably adds weight, which you feel at the first stroke of the pedals, and labor with up the hills. Whereas the GT26 has what is known as virtual suspension. 1st there are the tires. While not supple as our Scorcher tires, the Schwalbe Kojak tires chosen for the GT26 are made in both 20” and 26” giving matching tires front and back, and some say the 26” rear wheel results in a better ride. Then the frame is designed to flex, and finally, the seat is laced with shock cord, so that it gives a measure of suspension. Plus the seat frames have been anodized instead of powder-coated, to allow the seat fabric to move more easily on the frame. The seat was designed by a chiropractor so that it provides both lumbar and shoulder support. Another feature that enhances your comfort is the adjustability of the seat. The seat adjusts for height so that if you have difficulty getting in and out of a low seat, you can start with the seat high, and then as you get fitter, and/or lose weight, you can lower the seat, and take advantage of the better stability you get with a lower center of gravity. Plus to further enhance your comfort, the seat is adjustable for angle. Some people who suffer back pain may find the more reclined angles better, while others may prefer a more upright angle. Also, the seat height adjustment in conjunction with the angle adjustment allows you to vary the angle between the pedals and your body, to best suit your physical form, and get your most comfortable pedaling position. Plus the handlebars are adjustable for width, angle, and fore and aft.

Performance Efficient & Fast

It is not much use having a really comfortable trike if it performs like a slug. A trike should be a joy to ride and reward you for every pedal stroke. In fact not only should a recumbent trike be more comfortable than an upright bike, but it should also be more efficient and faster, due to better aerodynamics. This is where the GT26 shines. Unlike upright bikes, recumbent trikes are a monotube design, and with every stroke of the pedals, the boom will flex down and the frame will flex up under the seat, wasting some of your efforts. To overcome this the GT26 uses a rectangular main tube and crank extension. Thus the main tube is BOTH stiffer and lighter than the oversize round main tube used on the Magnum! To reduce the weight further, the GT26 uses the special lightweight Aero hubs and new kingpins which are ½ the weight of the kingpins used on the Magnum. Any amount of tread on a bicycle tire will slow you down on the road, so while the Kojaks chosen for the GT26 may not roll quite as easily as our Scorchers, they lighter and thinner, giving less air drag. They are the next most popular tire for the Australian Pedal Prix racing. Finally, the 26” rear wheel gives you speed without the need for special gearing systems. <!–


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  • Frame: Aluminium 7005 Alloy with removable seat and centre fold
  • Width: 31″
  • Length: 86”
  • Height: 27″
  • Seat Height: 12 to 17”
  • Seat Angle: 30 to 48˚
  • X-Seam Range: 41 to 51″
  • Ground Clearance: 6″
  • Turning Radius: 14′
  • Wheelbase: 46″
  • Wheels: 20” & 26”, alloy rims with stainless steel spokes
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  • Tires: Schwalbe Kojak, 20 x 1.35″ & 26 x 1.35”
  • Gears: 24
  • Cranks: Shimano Sora 50/39/30 x 165 mm
  • Cassette: 8 speed 11/34
  • Derailleur: microSHIFT \ Shimano
  • Chain: YBN S8
  • Shifters: Shimano Ultegra Bar End 8 speed
  • Gear Range: 24″ to 118″
  • Brakes: Sturmey Archer 90mm Drums
  • Weight Limit: 250 lbs
  • Trike Weight: 38lbs
  • Standard Equipment: Rear Mudguard, Safety Flag
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  • Brakes

    Sturmey Archer 90mm Drums

  • Brake Levers

    Promax Locking

  • Front Derailleur


  • Rear Derailleur


  • Shifters

    Shimano Ultegra Bar End 8 speed

  • Crankset

    Shimano Sora 50/39/30 x 165 mm

  • Cassette

    8 speed 11/34

  • Front Tires

    Schwalbe Kojak, 20 x 1.35″ & 26 x 1.35”

  • Rear Tires

    Schwalbe Kojak, 20 x 1.35″ & 26 x 1.35”

  • Speeds

    24 Gears

  • Frame

    Aluminium 7005 Alloy with removable seat and centre fold

Frame & Geometry

  • Total Length


  • Total Width


  • Total Height


  • Total Weight


  • Weight Limit

    250 lbs

  • Wheel Base


  • Seat Angle

    30 to 48˚

  • Seat Height

    12 to 17”

  • Ground Clearance


  • Turning Circle


  • Turning Radius


  • Rider X-Seam Range

    41 to 51″

  • Gear Inch

    24″ to 118″

  • Other

    Wheels – 20” & 26”, alloy rims with stainless steel spokes

Included Accessories

  • Mudguard
  • Safety flag



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