NXT Biofit 16 x 16 Cushion and Cover


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NXT Biofit Wheelchair Cushion

The BioFit NXT Wheelchair Cushion has been designed for comfort, pressure redistribution, and easy maintenance. The pre-ischial support prevents sliding and provides pelvic support. The moderate abductor/adductor contour ensures mid-line positioning of the femurs. The radius at the rear provides sacral support in addition to matching the contour of modular back supports. The bevel on the front edge accommodates foot propellers, users who wish to sit with a tight front frame angle, or those with tight hamstrings.

The NXT BioFit Wheelchair Cushion’s multi-layer design provides deep immersion, support, and skin protection for users at medium to high risk of skin breakdown, by redistributing pressure over the full sitting surface of the cushion.


  • Soft density top layer for comfort and immersion

  • Blue Visco Gel Foam reduces heat buildup critical to minimize skin integrity issues

  • Medium Density Viso Foam provides improved support, positioning, and immersion

  • Firm HR Moulded Layer for support, stability, and durability with SIT Technology



    • Foam Cushion
    • Inner Cover
    • Outer Cover


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