Stricker LOMO 360


Key Features

  • 16″ 360˚ rotatable wheel
  • Optional with disc brake and handlebar
  • Automatic Catch

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Stricker LOMO 360 Wheelchair Attachment

The Lomo 360 allows your wheelchair to access places never before possible with conventional wheelchair casters. Allowing for worry-free travel over cobblestones, loose gravel, sandy areas, and even snow with minimal effort and proper tire tread.
Connecting to and from the front of your wheelchair only takes moments to lift the front of your wheelchair off the ground.

The LOMO 360 is compatible with wheelchairs with electrical rear wheels drive units.

  • The wheel is rotatable 360˚
  • After docking the LOMO 360 at the wheelchair, the small wheelchair front wheels are moved away from the ground.
  • Now they don’t break or disturb while driving. With the LOMO 360, it is more difficult to tip over. The cambered fork turns easily with you in the desired position.
See LOMO 360 in action.


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