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RGK Grand Slam Tennis Wheelchair

The most advanced tennis wheelchair available, the Grand Slam is like fluid motion, a true sight to behold. Designed entirely around your measurements and your style of play, allow the Grand Slam to give you the ultimate responsive connection, ergonomic positioning, and speed that your game so desperately needs. The sports chair choice of Alfie Hewett, Gordon Reid, and Jordanne Whiley to name just a few, why would you choose anything less?

Unparalleled in the tennis world, the Grand Slam’s lightweight frame and knee support system means you can react fast to any solid return and guarantees to deliver the performance your training has paved the way for. The low backrest allows for a greater serve and the made to measure seat creates a closer connection to turn the chair with just your core muscles, allowing you to focus on the court rather than self-propulsion.

Only the best materials are used in your GrandSlam. Aluminum is famous for its strength, durability and is synonymous with lightness. The utmost best performance of your chair is ensured by only using elements produced by market leaders, alongside a staggering 19 quality checks throughout the build, from measure to handover.

Technical Specifications

  • Made to measure
  • Suitable for quad and open players
  • Intermediate to professional players
  • Aluminum 7020 frame
  • Carbon fiber knee support system
  • 45mm diameter camber bar
  • Product weight from 8.5kg
  • Max user weight 125kg

Key Features

  • Optimized carbon fiber knee support system with ratchet adjustment for maximum support and agility
  • Seating position to suit your game
  • Perfect toe in toe out for a minimum drag
  • Bones Reds high precision castor bearings as standard to maximize energy
  • Low friction castor wheel with less dirt pick up
  • Kenda Kaliente tires as standard for ultimate court performance

Frame Options

  • Fixed or adjustable axle position
  • Fixed or adjustable footrest position
  • Single or double anti-tip
  • Fixed or removable anti-tip
  • Fixed or height-adjustable backrest
  • Fixed or removable sideguards
“The GrandSlam is a must-have for my tennis career, its sharpness of turn and the lightness of the wheelchair allows me to be incredibly agile around the court. The custom made cushion keeps me perfectly positioned, comfortable, plus the chair has that unmistakeable sleek RGK look”

Gordan Reid


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