ROHO Enhancer Cushion


Includes cover, pump and patch kit



ROHO Enhancer Wheelchair Cushion

For over 35 years, ROHO has been a leading and trusted brand of pressure management wheelchair seating products. The ROHO Enhancer Dry Flotation wheelchair cushion’s uniquely designed two-manifold system enhances midline channeling, gives lateral stability, and protects skin tissue. It’s made from fire-resistant, soft but durable neoprene rubber. The patented air cell design allows air exchange and heat ventilation.

This proven Dry Flotation system eliminates, pressure, promotes healing of damaged skin, and protection of healthy skin. Plus, for added positioning adjustments, simply regulate the amount of air pressure in the dual-chamber areas of the cushion using the dual valve. When the air pressure is at the desired setting, lock it in place with the valve.

Product Details:

  • Maximum Pressure Relief Cushion Dual valve for pressure adjustment
  • Contoured for added stability
  • Helps prevent skin breakdown
  • Promotes healing of damaged skin
  • Protection for high-risk clients
  • A trusted brand for over 35 years
  • Weight capacity: None

Technical Specs:

  • Includes cover, pump and patch kit
  • Construction: Flame Resistant, Neoprene Rubber
  • Approximate Weight (Varies by size): 3 lbs
  • Dual valve, dual compartment cushion
  • Height of cells: 2.25-4.25″

15" x 15" ( 8 cells x 8 cells), 15" x 16" ( 8 cells x 9 cells), 15" x 16" ( 8 cells x 9 cells), 16" x 15" ( 9 cells x 8 cells), 16" x 16" ( 9 cells x 9 cells), 18" x 16" ( 10 cells x 9 cells), 18" x 18" ( 10 cells x 10 cells), 18" x 20" ( 10 cells x 11 cells), 20" x 18" ( 11 cells x 10 cells)


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