ROHO Hybrid Elite Cushion Cover



Fits Hybrid Elite ROHO Cushions


ROHO Hybrid Elite Wheelchair Cushion Cover

The ROHO Hybrid Elite replacement wheelchair cushion cover has a two-way 100% Polyester top material that is a durable heavyweight fabric. The 3-layered knit spacer fabric side material is both breathable and sturdy to help keep the cushion’s shape while allowing heat to escape. It’s a durable, yet soft to the touch cushion cover with velcro straps on the bottom to allow the cushion to attach to the chair. Machine washable. Available for old and new style Hybrid Elite cushions.

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Product Details:

  • Fits Hybrid Elite ROHO Cushions
  • 100% two-way Polyester top
  • Sturdy 3-layered knit spacer fabric sides
  • Secures to wheelchair seat with velcro
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Custom sizes available upon request
  • Machine wash, line dry

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Technical Specs:

  • Two-way 100% Polyester top
  • Sturdy 3-layered knit spacer fabric sides, Velcro straps on the bottom
  • Flame resistant
  • Zipper closure
  • Weighs .5 lb


Additional information


Hybrid Elite Cover ( Cushions before 2017 – Add $18.00), Hybrid Elite SR & Dual Cover, Hybrid Elite Heavy-Duty Cover (Cushions before 2017 – Add $19.00), Hybrid Elite SR & Dual Heavy Duty Cover (Add $10.00)


14"W X 14"D, 14"W X 15"D, 14"W X 16"D, 15"W X 15"D, 15"W X 16"D, 15"W X 17"D, 16"W X 15"D, 16"W X 16"D, 16"W X 17"D, 16"W X 18"D, 16"W X 20"D, 17"W X 16"D, 17"W X 17"D, 17"W X 18"D, 17"W X 20"D, 18"W X 16"D, 18"W X 17"D, 18"W X 18"D, 18"W X 20"D, 20"W X 17"D, 20"W X 18"D, 20"W X 20"D, 22"W X 18"D, 22"W X 20"D, 22"W X 22"D, 24"W X 18"D, 24"W X 20"D


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